Another advance extract from PGStheBook ~

There’s PGStheWay – this blog.

And PGStheMovie – my film on intuition.

Soon there’ll be PGStheBook!

PGStheBook is a book that will be coming out soon, to be published by Arcadia Press. The book  expands on what’s in the movie. There was so much I learned and discovered during the research and making of the movie, but I didn’t have the screen time to include it all. The book addresses that.

It includes a lot of the wonderful interview grabs from the film, but it goes further too. For instance, it details what I believe are the three broad categories of intuition:

  • Survival Intuition
  • Cognitive Intuition
  • Mystical Intuition

The extract that I’m presenting now though is a section on First Thought, Best Thought – it’s part of a chapter on how I live an intuitive life. Your first thought is your intuitive thought – and it’s your best thought. Here’s the extract:



It’s become second nature to me now. I don’t even think about how I think anymore. I’ve now got to the point of complete trust in my first thought. I know that it’s my intuitive thought, even though it might be wild and crazy and so far out of left field that it’s out of the ballpark altogether, somewhere in the next galaxy.

I know that if I don’t follow that first thought, if I revert to my subsequent thought or thoughts, then I’ve lost a great opportunity for growth, or expansion, and I’ve given in to the safe option, which keeps me contained in what I know. In the archives.

My first thought is the one that’s bolted straight out of the gates, that’s leaped and bounded over logic and intellect, it’s raced past my storehouse of experience and flipped the bird at my ego as it’s hurtled by, and it’s arrived front and center in the forefront of my mind without having raised a sweat, brimming with creativity and innovation and originality to go – tah-dah – to give me the best thought for my highest good.

The second thought is the laggard. It lumbers out of the gates, and before it can go anywhere it first has to check in with past knowledge and rifle through dusty old files of outdated protocols rigorously kept by the intellect, then it has to consult with tetchy logic, and genuflect and obsequiously defer to toady ego, and eventually it arrives in the mind, tired, exhausted, stripped of its energy and verve and lacking any semblance of originality, before it falls in a heap at my  feet for me to pick up and try to revive and reconstitute into something that’s in any way exciting or meaningful.

The value of First Thought, Best Thought is that in a world that is changing so fast, what’s prized more than anything is freshness and originality of ideas and concepts and thought. This leads to extraordinary creativity, to growth, and to personal fulfilment.

8 thoughts on “Another advance extract from PGStheBook ~

  1. Wow Bill, from your mouth (or pen) to God’s ears!
    So true, I have learned to follow my first thoughts some while ago and those first thoughts have never failed me. It is only when I don’t listen to my intuition that I find myself in a stagnant place unable to move forward or in a place I would prefer not to be.
    I look forward to the publication of this book. Know I will be one of the first making the purchase once it is published.
    PS (Many changes coming – all due to listening to my first thoughts!)


    • Thanks Arlene – and lovely to hear from you! Keen to hear what changes are coming! DM me – we haven’t communicated in a while. Much love, Bill


  2. what I believe are the three broad categories of intuition:

    Survival Intuition
    Cognitive Intuition
    Mystical Intuition

    Sounds right.


  3. Parallel thinking here. Maybe some people just don’t trust in themselves believing in the human-core-badness 🙂 and that’s why they don’t silence the monkey in their head? Hmm… I think most of us are all good and to fullfill the life is to go with that inner spirit, PGS as you call it. I like your posts and am waiting for the book (and the messeta clip also, haha). All the best Bill!


      • That’s basically what Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christianity teach as well, and orthodox Judaism, as well as Buddhism of course — it’s mainly some Protestant sects and Islam that teach otherwise.

        Human Nature is intrinsically good ; it’s the human condition which is messy.


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