Pssst! Wanna free book?

I’ve got twenty paperback copies of my newly published novel, Palace of Fires – Initiate – to give away, and twenty Kindle versions of the book as well.

The book has just been published by Penguin Random House.  The paperback is selling for $20 – Kindle at $8.

I’ll give you a free copy – but on one proviso: You have to promise to write a review on both Goodreads ( and Amazon.

At the moment the book is being marketed to young kids – like 12 and 13 year olds – and in fact it’s a book that adults will enjoy. Its a page-turner thriller and scary as hell. So I want some adults to read the book and review it – and I’m hoping those reviews will be positive!

Also, for those of you who’ve seen PGS – my intuition film, you might be interested to see how I’ve threaded some powerful spiritual themes into the book.

So if you want to read it and write two reviews, then email me at:

– and tell me if you want the paperback or the Kindle version – the first twenty of each gets the freebie.

Oh, just one thing: this offer is not open to twelve or thirteen year olds!!


4 thoughts on “Pssst! Wanna free book?

  1. Tempting, but probably not. If I could just read it, it would be great, but I tend to experience what I read, so… not for me, I think. Fingers crossed for you Bill, I hope you get some takers and great reviews!


  2. I’d honestly take you up on this Bill, as I love your writing, but TBH I’m still in the midst of trying to head-butt my medical issues into abeyance as I have been for over a year now … 😦

    Making progress, back to my usual hiking route (short version), managed it even twice this last week (result : dire pain yesterday), but that’s where my focus needs to be right now. That focus is broadening again thankfully, but it’s not as wide yet as it would need to be for your kind request.

    Best of luck with your publishing endeavour, and may the great and powerful cosmic rays radiate beneficially upon you !!


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