A nun loves my film!

Jennifer and I have spent the last three days in Melbourne screening my film PGS – three nights in a row in fact. Two of those screenings were sell-outs.

The first was at the beautiful Rivoli Cinema in East Hawthorne, organised by our dear Camino friends Peter & Julie Landers. At that screening there were a bunch of nuns. (I’m not exactly sure what the correct collective noun is for a group of nuns – a flock of sheep, a pod of dolphins, a gaggle of geese etc. So I’ll call them a bunch of nuns…)

Anyway, these delightful ladies came to the screening, and I was curious to see how they would react because the church doesn’t readily embrace the notion of intuition.

However there are religious folk in the film – Caroline Myss being the most prominent (she’s renown as a Catholic mystic and scholar) – and they do put their point of view in a religious context. But then there are also a couple of others who say very directly that you don’t need to believe in God to believe in intuition.

The day after the screening, Julie Landers, who helped organise the screening, forwarded me an email from one of the nuns. The Sister has given me permission to post it publicly here. She vey much wants the message of the film to get out into the wider community.

Oh, and to add: I did a Q&A after the screening and the first question came from a gentleman who was a self avowed sceptic and he was quite hostile. He was very critical of the film, and critical of me too.

Anyway, here is the Sister’s wonderful email, posted with her permission:

Dear Julie,

It is the morning after the movie screening, “ PGS Intuition” and I am still reflecting upon it.  When we left the Rivoli last night Axxxx, Lxxxx and I chatted about it on the drive home and continued doing so over our late dinner.   

I saw the movie as an exploration into the reality and nature of that  “inner voice” that has the power to command and to save, if heeded.  Bill Bennett had experienced an event which shook him to the core of his being and sent him on an exploration seeking for explanations, answers.  He assembled a very impressive line-up of experts from various disciplines, to help him understand.

I loved the lady in the dark pink blouse and green beads (Caroline Myss) and the handsome young Prince of Buthan!! 

In a way, Bill was attempting the seemingly impossible in trying to define the mysterious.  But he was doing what he felt impelled to do – explore meaning.  I felt that the first questioner, who referred to himself as a sceptic, was unduly harsh in his criticism, even to the point of later counting the number of times Bill used “I think”. 

Even though the movie itself was very definite in its conclusions, Bill himself in the Q&A session revealed himself to be quite tentative, an earnest explorer still seeking for meaning.  I don’t doubt that he will continue to do so to the end of his days, as we all do.  

It seems to me that one can only bow before Mystery and then do what needs to be done, what is at hand.  The pink-blouse lady summed up the best response for me “Make a good film.”   And Bill did just that – it was a well crafted, thought –provoking movie, out of which “the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed”. 

Thank you, dear Julie, for inviting us to attend Bill’s movie.  Would you please thank Bill himself for daring to attempt to express the inexpressible in the medium which is most familiar to him – film?  And tell him that I will be thinking about it for a long time.

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  1. Hi Bill it’s Stella here , I have been following your progress and am interested in some of the comments . We would love to have the opportunity of seeing your film . If it comes to new Zealand we would … perhaps the film will come on Netflix or one of those . Well done I am sure people will benefit from your work . All the best Stella

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  2. The nasty guy must have been part of the brawling family kicked off the cruise ship in Australia that made the Seattle news! IMHO all Australians are wonderful. Guess not.
    What a rude guy!
    Met with Rebecca yesterday to come up with ideas for selling out the Tacoma Grand Cinema on March 28th! I promise we won’t have any rude ones like that.


    • haha – everyone can express an opinion and he certainly expressed his – but it’s interesting how some people are threatened by the unknown, and the unknowable. Sounds great re the screening Lynda. You’re on a roll!


  3. As a long-time champion and practitioner of intuition, I’m following you with GREAT interest! The paradox is I’m a scientist who regrets mainstream science’s refusal to countenance that which doesn’t fit its model of reality. I’m at https://maryhykelhunt.net/science-intuition-mind-opener/ if you’d like to know more. Any idea as to when PGS might come to the UK? Or any plans for Netflix? My very best wishes to you with it all – it’s important work.


    • Hi Mary – thanks for making contact. I’ve had a quick squizz at your blog and you have a lovely accessible and slightly irreverent tone, which is wonderful! As for your question re UK – we are currently exploring the possibility of doing a several city tour of the UK in May. Cities we’re considering are: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and possibly Findhorn. Can you suggest any others? We will be going out online later in the year. You too are doing important work!


      • How about Bristol, Cardiff and Plymouth? Not a shred of vested interest here, just because I live in the South West! You’d likely find a great deal of interest in the South West – I need only mention Glastonbury as a reason why …


  4. Good to see, Bill and Jen, that the word about your film is spreading around the world … you might be travelling and incidentally writing for the next few years to keep up with demand 🙂 I’ll be one of many keen to see how it all goes in the near and farther future!!


    • Hey Britta – Jen and I are in Mallacoota tonight, after a dreary 7hr+ drive from Melbourne. You don’t often catch me referring to a drive as dreary, but this one was! Still, Mallacoota is a very pretty place, and we’re heading to Narooma tomorrow for a screening tomorrow night. Then back to Sydney and on Monday we head to India! And yes, the workload isn’t letting up in the near future, that’s for sure!! Hope you’re well and happy – I’m sure you because as Jennifer says: That’s the way you roll… haha. much love, Bill


      • Funny, you mention, Mallacoota, as I’ve literally just now recommended it as a lovely place to visit for some of my Danish family … such a small world. I love going to the golf club there for a meal, looking out at the kangaroos munching away on the greens!! Happy travels and touch something in India as a blessing for me, please 🙂 And tell Jennifer, thanks, I’m doing well, and shortly on my way out on the big blue seas on the James Craig for a training weekend. As I so often say, I love my life! 🙂


        • Just on the way back from India Britta and realised I haven’t responded to this. We were at Aarti and I will never forget seeing you there that evening, singing along with such gusto! You do have an incredible life. Mallacoota seems such a long time ago now – we ate at the pub while the film was screening across the road – I heard about the roos at the clubhouse. Isn’t Australia an amazingly beautiful country? big hugs mate, Bill


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