Some of the questions I’m asked ~

With the opening of my film now in the US to sell-out screenings, I’ve been doing Q&As after the movie, but also lots of media interviews. And I thought I would share with you some of the more interesting questions I’ve been asked, and how I’ve responded.

INTERVIEWER: Are intuition and common sense the same thing?

MY RESPONSE: Actually, they are the opposite thing. Common-sense comes from the rational self, not the intuitive self, and it’s based on past experience, logic, and often times tried and true accepted beliefs. Intuition isn’t based on past experience – it works outside of time and space, and it doesn’t draw from logic or the intellect. Common sense works to keep you safe, keep you contained, it has you doing what you’ve done in the past, or what others have done in the past. It’s limited to what’s gone before. Intuition is limitless. It asks that you follow paths you’ve never followed before. It leads to true discovery, to originality, to adventure. Common sense contracts you. Intuition expands you.

INTERVIEWER: Can intuition be used to harm someone, or can it harm yourself?

MY RESPONSE: Intuition can never be harmful, to you or to others. It comes from Source, from Spirit, and it can’t be used for anything other than love. It can’t be corrupted or manipulated into any kind of injurious act. If someone gets “messages” that ask you to harm someone else, or even think harmful thoughts, then that’s not intuition. It’s an aspect of your being that it rooted in the “I,” or the ego. Intuition exists outside of ego, and only ever works in the Light. 

INTERVIEWER: How do you know that the “voice” that you hear is your intuition, and not just some random thought/voice that you’ve made up yourself?

MY RESPONSE: Intuition leaves you with no doubt. It is immediate, and it’s messaging is unambiguous. And it’s accompanied by a sense of calm, and knowing. Your ego-voice leaves you in doubt, in confusion, and it’s often wrapped in fear. Your intuition voice is the antithesis of fear. The purpose of fear is to create more fear, as Paul Selig’s Guides say. The purpose of intuition is to keep you healthy and safe, so that you can fulfil your true purpose in life.

INTERVIEWER: Isn’t intuition just another word for instinct?

MY RESPONSE: No, they are totally different. The two words are not interchangeable. Instinct is primitive, it’s animalistic, it’s a survival mechanism that is body based. It’s a function of the body. Intuition is timeless, limitless, it’s a divine messaging service and it’s a function of the soul.

INTERVIEWER: In your film you never talk about meditation as being a way to access your intuition. Why not?

MY RESPONSE: Because I didn’t want to scare people off. You don’t need to meditate to access your intuition. You can access your intuition standing in the shower or having a bath, or walking along a beach or swimming, or hiking in the woods. You don’t need to sit crossed legged in a cave for hours chanting Om and clutching a crystal to become intuitive. The concept of meditation is terrifying for many people – particularly men – and I want the film to encourage men to become more intuitive. 

These are just some of the questions I get asked. I don’t set myself up as an expert on this stuff by any means, but after 18 years reading and researching and trying to figure out what that voice was that saved my life, I have come to certain conclusions that make sense to me. And my job, as I see it, is to communicate that as wide as possible.


9 thoughts on “Some of the questions I’m asked ~

  1. Bravo Bill, pertinent questions. Great clear simple answers.I like it.
    Now I wish I could see the movie .How would it be possible without flying overseas, ,?


    • There you are, Marie, your chance to bring the film to Europe! As a friend of Bill and Jennifer, I’d love for that to happen!! 🙂 Britta


          • Hello Brita, good to hear you;
            this the mail I sent to Bill
            Hello Bill,

            For me it is going to be very difficult to do a screening in my little town of 20000 people ,that speaks only spanish, french or basque.

            I just thought about this famous french monk ,famous for his books about meditation, happiness, his photos, and his work closed to Dalai Lama;

            In his interviews he said that all the decisions in his life are guided by intuition;

            So he is going to be interested by your movie, I think, and he might help to make it known in Europe, and even Asia, since he lives there and he has a big audience;

            Below is an extract of an article called 3 lessons I learned from a Tibetan monk who works with the Dalai lama

            I sat down with Matthieu Ricard, a Tibetan Buddhist monk who found himself famous among the TED Talk set and reluctantly decided to use the spotlight to share teachings.
            He said meeting with powerful people taught him that “success” should not be defined solely by influence, but by “personal flourishing.”
            He explained the value of acceptance of things beyond your control, and knowing when to trust your heart.

            It is sometimes the most rational choice to trust your intuition

            “Go with your gut,” sounds like reckless, foolish advice. But one of Ricard’s stories made me realize there are times to trust your intuition.

            As a young man, Ricard studied molecular genetics under a Nobel laureate at the prestigious Pasteur Institute. He would take breaks from his studies to pursue his growing interest in Buddhism, and traveled to Darjeeling to learn from spiritual masters. Ricard ultimately received his PhD, but when it came time to decide what to do with his life, the decision was easy.

            “It was not at all a hard decision,” Ricard said, of his choice to begin a path to monkhood. “I never had any agitation.” He compared it to fruit that has ripened on a tree: “At some point you don’t have to pull and break the branch to get the fruit. It’s just touch it and it falls in your hands.”

            He had given himself plenty of time throughout his travels back and forth between India and France to decide what felt right to him, and when it was time, he didn’t make a list of pros and cons for each option — he followed his heart and acted without hesitation. Ricard said that since that point, he has made every major decision in his life the same way


            I hope you can contact him;



          • Hi Marie – I know of him, of course, and he is a brilliant man. If we come into each other’s orbit, then it will happen. And if we don’t, then it won’t. With this film I never have nor will I chase famous people and ask them to help me. If it happens naturally, organically, and with the right energy, then it’s a good thing. I have never approached this film with ambition. I have allowed it to unfold of its own accord. Thank you though. Bill


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