PGS opens in the US in January ~

Now that Christmas is over I can give full focus to a big trip coming up – to the US to help promote my movie in its theatrical on demand release across the country.

Jennifer and I will be pinging back and forth across the US in January and early Feb, with ten screenings already in the works, and another three soon to come on stream too.

Here is the current schedule:

10th Jan – San Rafael / Northern California
16th Jan – Phoenix / Arizona
18th Jan – Boulder / Colorado
22nd Jan – Houston / Texas
24th Jan – Austin / Texas
25th Jan – Knoxville / Tennessee
28th Jan – Greensboro / North Carolina
28th Jan – Meditation Museum / Maryland
31st Jan – Seattle / Washington
26th Feb – Minneapolis / Minnesota
To Be Confirmed
5th Feb – Mount Shasta / California
6th Feb – Ashland / Oregon

Screenings are being added all the time. If you want to host a screening in your town or city, then here’s the link where you can sign up as a movie captain:

Movie Captain a screening of PGS

What’s involved?

As a movie captain you work with Jennifer and myself – and the distributors Gathr Films – to get enough people to sign up for tickets. That’s all. It doesn’t cost you anything other than some time and effort. Gathr Films lines up and liaises with the cinema – all you do is choose the date that suits you best.

Jennifer and I will be doing Q&As at all these screenings, except the one in Minnesota at the end of February – so if you want to buy a ticket to any of these shows, here is the link:

To buy tickets click here – BUY TICKETS

It’s going to be a massive trip for Jennifer and myself – and in amongst it all I’m doing media interviews too – but it will be great to bring the film to the US.

Hope to see you at one of the screenings!

6 thoughts on “PGS opens in the US in January ~

  1. WOW, guys, that is a massive effort. I wish you all the very best and hope other screenings pop up like mushrooms all over the place! 🤗


  2. This is great, Bill! I just was talking with Jennifer Mathews (Shasta and Ashland Host) and she needs to reverse the screening dates but she can do Ashland on Jan 5th and Mount Shasta on Jan 6th. She’ll continue the research into options in case you can’t get Jake to give us those dates for the respective Gathr venues. So, when you speak with him, please let him know we’d like Ashland venue for Monday, February 5th and Mount Shasta venue for Tuesday, February 6th.

    Thank you!

    With love and cheers,



    • Hi Michael – yes I’ll ask Jake. Hopefully we can make those dates work. You and Raphael and Jennifer are doing an amazing job Michael, thank you! Hugs and lots of holiday love! Bill


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