The book of the film – an excerpt

As I mentioned previously, I’m currently writing a book of the film I’ve made on intuition –

PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System.

The book will reference the film, and quotes from the various interviewees, but it will also go deeper.

Here is an excerpt on a chapter on The Purpose of Intuition:

So many people I know are unhappy, and when you scratch the surface and dig deeper to find out the real reasons why they’re not happy, it’s often because they’re not fulfilled. They don’t feel as though they’re doing what they really should be doing – what they’re meant to be doing. They’re not being who they feel they truly are. Their life hasn’t turned out like they thought it would. They feel empty. Hope is fading, or has gone completely. And that fuels regret, anger, depression, and often hatred. Self-hatred, and hatred of others.

Sometimes it manifests in health issues. Your health is connected to your emotional state, and if you’re stressed and angry and depressed, then sooner or later that’s going to reflect in your physical wellbeing. High blood pressure, cancer, diabetes – these can sometimes be causal of a distressed emotional state, and often that comes down to the fact that we’ve lost our way. We’ve deviated from our true path in life.

To compensate we eat too much. We drink too much. Alcohol, sugary drinks, whatever. We get fat and we don’t like the way we look. We don’t like the way we behave. We say things and do things we regret later. We watch too much tv. We don’t get out into nature. We take drugs. Opioids. Other stuff. We fight. We gamble. We lose money. We lose friends. That puts us under more pressure, more stress. That fuels our anger and depression even more. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle.

Why is life so hard? So brutal?
Because we’ve lost our way.
We’ve made the wrong choices.
We blame others for the way things have turned out,
and we don’t acknowledge that it’s our choices
that have created our lives.
We are responsible for our choices –
for the consequences of those choices.

What is the purpose of intuition? To help us make the right choices. To help guide us to our true purpose in life, to the full expression of who we truly are.

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  1. All my life I have known that my intuition was and is my best friend. At times, that friendship is sabotaged, by myself, happenstance, family, friends, but truly the onus is mine. 2017 has been such a year. I heard the voice and felt my gut revolting over and over and I ignored it and paid the price.

    I would never admit this anywhere else. Many things this year have gone down the river. I should have listened.

    What made me cave, made me compliant, ignoring my best friend? Biggest lesson for this year.

    My promise to myself passing through solstice and and emerging from the dark, is to listen to my best friend again… I won’t repeat 2017.

    Wishing you all a Happy Solstice, Blessed Christmas and that 2018 brings you all the Joy and Abundance the Universe bestows on you.

    Light and Love Ingrid

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    • Thank you for being so open here Ingrid. One of the people I interview in my film is famed psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff, and she says: Intuition is your best friend, and you need to consult it on everything.

      All the best for Christmas, and I’m sure next year will be capaciously better!


  2. It’s who I am. I just to just think of it as a party trick. I would know the future. It would happen. It would be fun to have a magical moment. I’m trying to use it all the time or at least follow a sensation that is like a river of energy flowing in front of me. I’ve learned it speaks to me in different ways. Sometimes a clear sentence, many times sensation that I have to check in with. Don’t know why it’s not always the same. It maybe based on urgency or timing. If something is a ways off maybe I get sensations. If it’s something immediate I get words. Don’t know but clearing out the systems I used to use to allow this one center stage is what I’m up to now.

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  3. Fabulous Bill!
    How many of us can relate to your excerpt? Everything you wrote was how I felt and acted before my first Camino. Now I am on a different path, a more intuitive, more spiritual path, a much happier path than I was on pre 2012. A more trust filled path because I am listening to my PGS, thank you for showing the world in your film and your upcoming book, the importance of listening to our intuition.

    These 5 years have been wonderful, yes even in spite of my latest ‘adventure’ as I will call it. Write on my friend and please know I will be ordering my own copy of the book once it is published.

    Happy Holidays to you, Jen and all my PGS siblings,

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    • Arlene – lovely talking to you the other day, and thank you for wonderful and generous words here. Yes, the Camino does recalibrate you doesn’t it. The more I learn about intuition, and I learn more each day, the more I realise it IS your best friend. The wisest best friend you could ever have! Have a great Christmas, and I hope your knee heals fast and you’re back out walking again very soon! With love, Bill


  4. Hei,Bill. How can we watch your movie in Europe? Feel that I need to watch it…..Need to listen more to my inne voice.I wish you and your family a merry Christmas, and an adventures 2018


    • Hi Hilde, thanks for making contact here. There will be screenings in Europe from March on – it depends where you are exactly. Otherwise the film will be available on iTunes and Google Play later next year. All the best for Christmas, Bill


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