PGS the book ~

I’m currently writing PGS the book.

PGS the book differs from PGS the movie in that it’s a narrative. It details all that I’ve learned in the eighteen years it’s taken me to make the film.

It’s a stand-alone piece. You don’t need to have seen the film to read the book. In fact it goes well beyond the film, because the film largely expresses the views of the interviewees.

In the book I reference those viewpoints – but I go further and I put them into a personal context, and look at how I can use that information to help me in my day to day life.

In the book I also bring up concepts such as mystical intuition.

Here is an excerpt:

This book explores mystical intuition. It explores where it comes from, how it works, and what its purpose is in our lives. Over the eighteen years I’ve spent puzzling over and researching intuition, I’ve come to believe this: that intuition is a legitimate functioning system in our bodies, as legitimate as any other system such as our central nervous system, our circulatory system, our immune system, etc.

Where our intuitive system differs is that it works within our energetic realm – and that energetic realm interfaces with our physiological realm in order to grab our attention – in order to send us signals.

Most of us ignore these signals, because we give them no validity. Most of us don’t even acknowledge that intuition exists, much less that it exists as a functioning system designed to help guide us through life. Guide us to what? To the full expression of who we really are.

Certainly western science discounts the notion of intuition simply because it can’t quantify the energetic realm. It can’t measure it. And if science can’t measure something, then it dismisses it as not being real.

Yet the East has acknowledged the energetic realm for millennia. They incorporate the chakra system in yoga and Hinduism, as well as the notion of prana as a “life force.” Similarly the Chinese talk of chi and the Japanese know it as ki – and the acupuncture meridian system has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Still western medicine and science refuses to acknowledge it – just as they refuse to acknowledge intuition. 

The book will be about 50,000 words. I hope to have it finished by the end of February. It will go on sale when the film is released on Video on Demand later in the year.

Separate to that I have been writing a journal during the making of the film. It’s currently sitting at 120,000 words. It’s massive.

It’s called Journal of a Journey, and it details all the ups and downs during the film’s production – including all the crazy weird stuff that has happened, all the coincidences, synchronicities, all the disappointments – and all the times when intuition stepped in to keep me, and the film, on track.

That book will be released when the film comes out on VOD as well.

There’s so much fascinating background stuff to tell about this film –

12 thoughts on “PGS the book ~

  1. Wonderful Bill…I guess some of the blog entries will be revisited.
    BTW have you fond a why to screen the movie in Canada?
    Light and Love as always, Ingrid


    • Many thanks Ingrid. The only way the film gets to screen anywhere is if someone hosts a screening – would that be something you’d be interested in doing?


      • Hi Bill, in my current situation it is not something I can take on. When this changes we’ll talk. Hugs


  2. I’m not sure if I’m more interested in the book or the film — you are a film director Bill, but I’m still a book person rather than a film person.

    I hope I can manage to see the film somehow some way … but then OTOH I do very much like your prose !!

    I’m still dubious about your opposition between East and West — the mystic traditions of each still lead to the same place, and from even a strictly Eastern Buddhist point of view, would this not be just another false dichotomy within the Maya hindering enlightenment ?


    • Hi Julian – struggling with the book, just like I struggled with the film. Hard to find a simple clean line through this stuff. My job is to make it accessible. The film has my words in it too! haha


  3. Enjoyed the film at Cremorne Orpheum tonight Bill. Where is it next screening in Sydney or can it be seen online or anywhere else. Also, I wondered if you could remind me of the intuition pathway you mentioned – I think it started with Ask or Listen…. thanks Karen


    • Hi Karen – the film will have more of these pop up screenings in Sydney and elsewhere before being released on VOD later next year. As for the five steps – STOP / LISTEN / ASK / TRUST / FOLLOW. Thanks! Bill


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