Cinema on Demand release for PGS in the US!

I’m delighted to announce that Gathr Films has come on board to release my film PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System in the US.

Whilst in Los Angeles last week, Jennifer and I met with the President of Gathr, Jake Craven. He saw the film, loved it, and now they’ll be releasing it theatrically, on demand, throughout the United States and its territories.

I’ve chosen to release the film via Cinema on Demand because I believe it’s the best way to get the film out to its audience – and to give the investors the best possibility of making some money out of it!

The beauty of Cinema on Demand is that the rights aren’t cross-collateralised. In other words, profits made from one type of release aren’t “crossed” against losses from another. Having now made 16 feature films as a producer and director, I’ve seen how the Hollywood “creative accounting” system works – and believe me, it doesn’t work in favour of producers or investors!

Going Cinema on Demand, we get to release the film theatrically to an audience that wants to see it – that demands to see it!and we get to keep the Video on Demand rights for our 444 release at 4:44pm on 4/4 – being April 4th 2018. We also keep all other rights, such as various TV rights.

We are in the early stages of locking in Cinema on Demand for Australia and New Zealand, and possibly UK and some other territories as well. I’ll let you know when those deals are done.

We are also bringing on board a team of publicists out of New York, and a couple of social media mavens – one out of Prague, the other out of India – to begin rolling out a global social media campaign, to be coordinated by our Impact Producer, Kerrin McNeil.

As for when the film will begin its Cinema on Demand run in the US – well, we’ll be figuring that out in the next little while, but most probably some time in January 2018.

Jennifer and I are thrilled to be working with the team at Gathr. They are good people, they love the film and see a big audience for it in the US, and we’re excited at what the future holds for this groundbreaking film on intuition.



17 thoughts on “Cinema on Demand release for PGS in the US!

  1. Bill and Jen,
    This is fantastic news! Hard to beat an opportunity like this. Yay for Gathr Films.

    Even though I don’t have a clue about Hollywood Creative Accounting, this sounds like a tremendous win win for you and the investors! Bravo my friend!

    How do I get onto the ‘on demand’ list?



    • haha – you could become what the Cinema on Demand people call a “Movie Captain,” and help organise some people to have it screened in a cinema near you! That would be cool!

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      • I like that title, I’ll look into the possibility once I get back home, which won’t be until the Autumn this year.


    • Thanks George – there will be information posted here and on the film’s website closer to time of release… it would be great for you to see it!


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