Lee Carroll, who channels for Kryon, likes my film!

This morning in an auditorium south of Asheville in North Carolina, Lee Carroll and his partner Monica Muranyi watched my film – PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System.  


If you don’t know who Lee Carroll is, well, he channels the spirit guide Kryon.


Lee Carroll is one of the most famous channellers on the planet. He holds channellings and seminars all around the world to large crowds, some as large as 3000 people. He’s constantly traveling the globe, and his events and seminars are invariably sold out.

He’s written nineteen books, published in 25 languages, and his website (which hosts all his channellings for free) gets about 30,000 hits per day. Take a listen to one or two –


Monica, his partner, has written three books, bringing together many of Kryon’s teachings into something akin to anthologies. They’re fabulous.


Jennifer and I are doing a bit of a roadshow around America at the moment, showing the work in progress cut to some of the key players in the film. We can’t get to everyone on this trip – we’ll have to come back again later – but we were able to catch up with Lee at his Asheville event. And this morning we showed him and Monica the film –

– and they both loved it.

They both applauded spontaneously at the end, and Lee described it as “spectacular.”

I’ll take that!

He was particularly interested in what the Indian interviewees had to say – including His Holiness Pujya Swamiji Chidanand Saraswati, one of the spiritual leaders of the Hindu religion, and head of the Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, on the sacred Ganges.

Lee also loved the cinematography, which he said was so good it almost distracted him from the rest of the movie! And the subtleties in the editing didn’t go unnoticed too –

He’s a former award winning sound engineer for movies and tv, so his technical appreciation for what we’ve done was tremendous. He was impressed with the sound design, even though it’s still a temp mix.

Wayne & Lib and your team – take a bow!

So there you go. Very pleasing, and once again a huge relief for me. It’s nerve-wracking showing these people the movie. But so far the response has been very gratifying.

During the two days at the event, Jennifer and I met quite a few wonderful people who have expressed great interest in the film, and have given us their details so we can begin to think about Cinema on Demand screenings in their towns and cities.

A few days break before we head over to the west coast to continue the screenings…



11 thoughts on “Lee Carroll, who channels for Kryon, likes my film!

  1. Bill and Jen,


    We are so ready for a film of this type, actually I believe We need to see it and to let it permeate into our souls. By We and our, I mean all citizens of the World. Your timing for this documentary and its release is pure perfection and I believe it will be a immense success.



    • Dear Arlene, like you I think the timing for this film is now right. I think THE SECRET went a long way to opening peoples’ awareness of matters spiritual, even though it was essentially a get rich quick flick – and before that WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW, and before that the writings of Shirley MacLaine. Each stands in the shoulders of those that have come before.

      Of,course there’s been all manner of esoteric and spiritual,writings well before all,of that, but I’m talking about those works which have broken through and entered into what I call “culture,” in that they have had an impact on mass culture. There haven’t been many world


  2. Ditto what Arlene said!
    Never any doubt here that this film is going to be a hit!
    Now, you’ve had barbeque in Kansas City, Southern Fried chicken and other soul food on the way and while in North Carolina. Now what? If your driving back to LA which is a long, long way you should swing low and take in Creole food in New Orleans!


    • Oh yes, Bill – Creole food sounds luscious – do stop in Emeril’s place there in NOLA – Arlèna


  3. IMO this Kryon entity is likely to be a demon.

    Even in Buddhism, a deva that acted in this manner would be considered as a direct hindrance to the seeking of enlightenment.


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