PGS the Way – new banner / new approach

You’ll notice that I’ve changed the banner image from a Camino image to the key art of my intuition film – PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System.

This reflects a shift in emphasis on this blog – because whilst I’ll still post Camino related writings, my preoccupation now and certainly till release next year will be the film.

Actually it’s not such a shift, because when I started out on my first Camino, in April 2013, I dedicated my walk to this film (yet to be started at that stage!), and hence that’s why I named the blog as I did – PGS the Way.

I’ve been thinking that maybe I should shut down this blog and start a new one dedicated to the movie – but I have so many wonderful and very precious friends on this blog, and it now has such a rich a colourful history (think Sister Clare, think the Burning Dwarf), that it would be a shame to shut it down.

However lately I’ve found that most of my posts have been film related, not Camino related, and hence I decided to make this shift with the banner pic.

I do have in the back of my mind releasing highlights of this blog as a book at some time down the track – not comments, but my own personal writings. Because this blog does chart my spiritual growth, from my commencement of the Camino (in fact, during the preparation too), to the forthcoming release of the movie, next year at 4:44pm on the 4/4.

Actually, we’re going to be releasing the film theatrically beforehand – both in the US and Australia. I’ll let you know more about that later.

So here is the revamped PGS the Way. I hope you’ll hang around, because I promise the next several months are going to be fun!

Here below is the website’s first banner pic – at Cape Finisterre…. posted in Feb 2013.



15 thoughts on “PGS the Way – new banner / new approach

  1. Dear Bill,
    You can count on me sticking around, although sometimes silent, I am always here, reading every post you write even when I a,away from my home base, walking or visiting or whatnot.
    I, too am looking forward to the release of the film – but that is not a surprise to you I’ll bet.


  2. Bill,
    I’m sure all of us will stick around no matter what you write about; whether it be the camino, the film or even if you wanted to write a dissertation about the colors of dirt.
    I hope if you write a book containing some posts from the blog, that you will skip the one about the dwarf! Right Britta, Janet and Jenny?
    Also we too are anxiously awaiting the new version of the film. Hurry up!!!
    Love and hugs to you both
    Dale and Lynda

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    • Ah Lynda – this blog has had some interesting moments! One day when my work load lessens a bit I will prepare a book based on some of the posts here. Right at the moment though I have other priorities, like getting this film finished and out there. Jennifer and I are in Asheville North Carolina at the moment, due to show the film to Lee Carroll tomorrow morning. I’ll let you all – or rather, y’all – know how it goes! Thanks for your continued support Lynda! Hugs and love, Bill.

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  3. I may not comment as much, but I read your posts and connect now and then. There is a lot in this blog that is important, not only for you but for many of us. Sent you an email a couple of weeks ago. Did you get it? I know you are busy. It was a link to an article that made me think of you. Hugs for you and Jennifer!


    • Julie I did get your email, and I thought I replied, but with all thentraveling and what not, I may have overlooked it. I thought I did respond though, but I’ll check. Ikrrespectivr I love seeing your comments from time to time, and it’s wonderful to know you’re still here!! Best Bill


    • Julie, I did get your email and I thought I’d responded, but in all my traveling, and with all my different email addresses – I have about 8 I think, each for a particular aspect of my life – that I might have neglected to reply, in which case I’m dreadfully sorry. Can you pleas resend it to: – thank you. Thank you also for your kind and generous words about the blog. I should really spend the time to order it properly, and put the various posts in correct categories, but right at the moment I don’t have time to scratch myself! But thank you for saying these things… bill


  4. love it. Personally I think you should keep this blog and just develop it as you go…like you it will change as you progress on your journey. It would also give folks who discover your blog in the future to go back and read your story.
    Delighted you’re thinking seriously of doing a book. Good luck with the movie…like the significance of the date/time



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