The Soul Imprint of the Camino explained ~

While walking my first Camino in 2013, on this blog I talked about the “soul imprint” of the Camino.

What does this mean?

It means that all those millions of pilgrims who have walked the Camino since even before the time of Christ – because it was a pagan pilgrimage before it became a religious pilgrimage – that all those people who walked with intention left a soul residue on the path they walked. An energetic imprint.

Why is it that the Camino heals? Why is it that people as old as 90 can walk the Camino – defying all physical and medical logic?

It’s because of this energetic soul imprint.

I was listening to Lee Carroll channel Kryon the other day while I walked to the editing room, where I’m working on my film on intuition. I’ve interviewed Lee as part of the film – he’s regarded as one of the world’s great channels – and he travels extensively, channeling to sell-out audiences. He later puts all these channellings up on his website for free, and these are what I listen to as I walk to work.

The other day I listened to a channel he did at the beginning of the year, in Boulder Colorado. He was talking about the Akash – the energetic history of everything you have experienced on the planet earth, spanning all your lifetimes.

Here is a Youtube audio of Kryon explaining what the Akash is…
Structure, Keys to the Akash – Kryon channelling.

It was interesting. From a spiritual perspective, Kryon doesn’t refer to our “past lives,” he refers to them as “expressions of energy.” He says:

“To you, life is everything. To us, we see life as passing, as you in transition constantly, from one to another to another. We never see a life, we see a system. There is no death. You just move from one system to another, from one paradigm to another.

“The very essence, the soul – all that you think is gone and lost isn’t. It’s all still there, and the beauty of the system is that some of it literally goes into the veil of the earth. Every life expression you’ve ever had, part of your soul goes back into the planet and the grid when you leave, and it stays here. 

“How does it make you feel to know that you’re part of the dirt of the earth? That’s part of the grid that starts to work with other human beings. Your wisdom, and what you’ve learned, stays here, and works with your next incarnation.

“Don’t be shocked and surprised when you walk into the forest and you feel family. You’re feeling you!”

When I heard this, I went wow! That’s what I’ve been saying about the Camino’s energetic soul imprint. You walk the Camino and, if you let it, if you are open to it, you can take in the soul energy of those who have walked before you, who have allowed a part of themselves to seep into the earth’s energetic grid.

You may choose to believe this or not believe it.
I happen to believe it.
I’ve felt it – I’ve experienced it.

If you’re interested, here is Kryon’s full 26 minute channeling… it’s fascinating listening.
Kryon at Boulder, January 2017 



4 thoughts on “The Soul Imprint of the Camino explained ~

  1. I remember when we talked about this. ..not sure how much I told about my own experience. I so believe in this energy…I experienced it too. My going back to in the Camino and always finding my way to Muxia is mandatory. …I feel whole there…a homecoming. ..a peace and rejuvenation at the same time. I no longer question this.. I simply joyfully accept and am grateful.

    Light and Love….Ingrid


  2. Love the sentiment of: ” … and you feel family. You’re feeling you!””
    Not from the Camino, but the first time I went into my yoga centre (an old Victorian, brick building that was used as an Ashram for 60 years before I got there) I felt enveloped by the vibrations of a million Oms – it was instant and I totally accepted it right away. A wonderful feeling! 🙂


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