Fake News! Australian Camino Festival…


I published some fake news last post on the inaugural Australian Camino Festival.

I indicated that it was a joint effort between Tony Jacques, and Rowan & Margaret at Glenella. In fact it was Rowan’s baby from the get-go – his brainchild and his and Margaret’s organisation behind it all.

Rowan had noticed how Parkes, a small town further west, had created a huge annual festival celebrating Elvis Presley – and he twigged that maybe he could do the same thing with a Camino festival in Blackheath, in the Blue Mountains behind Sydney.

The pilgrim dinners that Tony and Ce had established, and are always held at Glenella, had become a big hit, and Rowan thought that maybe he could do something larger, such as a four day festival and expo that’s Camino-centric.

His instincts were sound because already, even a couple of weeks before it kicks off, it looks like it’s going to be a big success. Registrations are strong – and they’ve run out of speaking slots.

My apologies to all concerned for the fake news. I’d made an assumption, and I should know from my previous incarnation as a journalist that you never make assumptions.

(Maybe that’s why I sashayed into being a dramatist… !)

Here are the details again:

Dates: February 23rd to 26th
Where: Blackheath, Blue Mountains (Glenella Guesthouse & Restaurant)
Registration & info: www.auscamino.com.au
Contact Rowan: festival@auscamino.com.au
Accommodation: auscamino.com.au/accommodation


Rowan & Margaret / Glenella, Blackheath NSW

12 thoughts on “Fake News! Australian Camino Festival…

  1. Hi Bill –

    Congratulations to Rowan for dreaming up the idea of this most significant and special event, and also to Margaret and Tony for their involvement. They’re a terrific team and all the time and effort they’ve put into organising the Festival will bring its rewards in spades.

    Our Australian pilgrim community is so blessed to have Rowan, Margaret, Tony (and of course Ce) as a major part of our community. They all take our community to the next level of goodwill and connection.

    I’ve just listened to Part 1 of your interview with Dan – it’s an absolute cracker! I loved every minute. I’m looking forward to reading your blog post on it on the weekend.

    Perhaps Dan might be interested in doing a Guest Post on PGS -The Way at some stage …

    Camino hugs to you and Jen –

    Jenny xoxo


    • Sorry for this tardy response Jenny – I’ve had my head down with my film, even all this weekend, working on the script. But just to say that yes, good for Rowan and Margaret for coming up with this… and of course Tony & Ce who kicked off all this interest up at Blackheath. I’ll be doing a post on Dan and the podcast this Tuesday when the second part comes out… once again, it’s wonderful what he’s doing to help promote the Camino. See you Saturday! Looking forward to it! Love, Bill

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      • No worries Bill – I hope that the film is coming along really, really well and that all those long hours will bring rewards of every kind.
        The weekend is going to be so wonderful – the programme looks terrific.
        I look forward to seeing your post on Dan and the podcasts – Part 1 was totally brilliant!
        See you Saturday!
        Much love to you and Jen –
        Jenny xxx


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