A busy day in Warzburg

Angie is doing my job for me, blogging away as she does!

A culmination of thoughts

Bill and Jen promised very busy days on the Romantic Road Tour and they were so very right.

From the time that we left Frankfurt at 9am this morning it has been all go until after 5this evening.  It has been great – so much to see and enjoy as we walked around the quaint streets of Warzburg, walked up the numerous steps to the Fortress Marienburg, wandered through the extensive museum in the fortress and toured the Residential Palace.

I think that all in all we have walked a big number of kilometres and I feel a little worn out. While more than anything at this very moment I would like a nap! Just would like to close my baby blues for 10 minutes!

But that is not on the agenda because very shortly we are back out in the cold to enjoy a wine on the Warzburg Bridge…

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1 thought on “A busy day in Warzburg

  1. Bill,
    You are shirking your promise to us, your readers, as so many of us also follow Angie’s blog. 😉

    I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say we would like to read your words and see your photos as well.



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