The Romantic Road as Camino ~

For the past week or so, Jennifer and I have been traveling through the southern part of Germany, finalising details for our Romantic Road tour, which starts next week.

During this time too I’ve also been picking up visuals for my intuition film.

While scouting the route, we regularly came across signs for the Camino – the well known scallop shell marker showing the route to Santiago. In Germany they call it Jakobsweg –

It turns out that the Romantic Road route, which links a series of beautiful traditional towns and villages that followed an ancient trading route, was also a pilgrim route in parts, funnelling pilgrims through Germany into France, and then onto Santiago de Compostela.


On this tour we’ll be doing a combination of walking and driving, because the Romantic Road from Wurzburg (south of Frankfurt) to Fussen (south of Munich) is more than 350kms. But several of the walking stages we have planned are actually part of the Camino.

Once the tour starts I will blog regularly, with pictures, so keep tuned!


The Romantic Road, Bavaria

7 thoughts on “The Romantic Road as Camino ~

  1. Looking forward to it all. ..being an armchair pilgrims isn’t so bad after all.

    Wishing you lots of eggnog aka Eierlikoer. …Stollen …Marzipan and Lebkuchen and and and.

    Light and Love as always. Ingrid


    • Still getting my head around the language Ingrid, but I know Gluwein and I know Bratwurst, and that for me represents two of the three essential food groups, Weissbeir being the third!

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