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This year’s Christmas Romantic Road tour in Bavaria, Germany, will be the last tour we’ll be doing for the foreseeable future.

I have major work commitments with my films and my books which will preclude me from undertaking any more tours for at least two years.

When we re-launch our tour business, it will be specifically for spiritual / walking / pilgrimage tours.

So if you want to do a tour with Jennifer and me, then the Romantic Road Tour this Christmas is your last chance.

Check the Gone Tours website – it’s going to be a cracker of a tour.
Here is a link:

Romantic Road Christmas Tour, Bavaria Germany – 

It’s nearly full. We only have a few places left. If you’re interested, contact me:

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12 thoughts on “Tours / future plans ~

  1. That all looks so groovy.. Why don’t you pop into the UK on your way? Stay here with me, while I still have the place!

    Wish I could go shiver with you…and spend my , gulp, 60th birthday in Germany.

    Link for my b&b is :

    I don’t know how to send hyperlinks. 🙊 If you decide to pop over , I offer fab mates rates….free. But you make your own bed. And breakfast.

    How I miss you two and the marvelous, mad Marie. X Patty

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  2. I was wondering, Bill, when you were going to concede that you, like the rest of the universe, only have 24 (give or take!) hours in the day! 😎 No doubt your Christmas tour will be a blast and, of course, I can’t wait to read about it 🤗

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    • Haha – ah Britts, yes, tragically, I have discovered that I’m human. Haha. I know next year is going to require my full attention with what I know I have to do, and the year after as well. I desperately want to do my “Front Door” walk – 3000kms to Finisterre, but need to have at least four months available to do it, and right at the moment I can’t see that happening for at least two years. Which is a pity… but right at the moment I need to keep my focus on where it must be. Hugs mate! And love…

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  3. Bill – this is amazing – my idea of heaven!!!! We have just booked our summer holiday (cruise around New Zealand). Will you do this again next year?

    Much love,

    Amanda x


    • Hi Amanda – lovely to see you here! I think this will be the last tour for a while, because of my work commitments. But as soon as those commitments are done then we’ll start up again. It would be great if you and James could join us on one! With love, Bill


  4. Hi Bill –
    Making the commitment to do the tours would reduce your flexibility in being able to travel overseas at short notice if the need arose. By putting a hold on the tours and concentrating on the films and the books, you have the ultimate flexibility to respond to what the Universe and your intuition is telling you, as you know, and if that involves travel you can do that without having to plan too far ahead.
    Have some gluwein and gingerbread for me on the Romantic Road Christmas tour! Enjoy!
    Camino hugs to you and Jen, and very best wishes to Jen for India.
    Jenny xx


    • Thanks Jenny. And yes you’re right about the flexibility. But also just the sheer workload. PGS the film will be finished hopefully by the end of the year, and next year will be marketing and publicity. And there’s also the chance that my honour killing film will be shooting in India too – and then there’s the books! Yikes! No room for tours!

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  5. Well Bill, all i can say is how wonderful this Germany tour will be in December. Ken and I are very much looking forward to the fun experience of the Romantic Road. it will be a special time and so worth it, considering it is the last Bill and Jennifer adventure for a couple of years.

    And yes Patty, it would be fabulous if you could join us! 60 hey young Patty!!:)


  6. Dear Bill,
    I have never understood how you can go week after week after week on such little sleep and pack soooo much into a day!.
    Sad no tours for two years but want to be first on the list for upcoming ones once resumed.
    Am very excited about the nearness of the PGS film being released as I’m sure all of us are that have been following you and the film for these last few years .
    Waiting patiently for part two of White Witch/Black Witch although with many of your posts recently my reading list is growing faster than I can read.
    As for the honor killing film in India, I’m sure you will be visiting Bombay/Mumbai and no doubt will be in the Bollywood area as some point. I would hope that one Sunday you will visit the JW Sunday brunch there and have some chocolate for all of us girls that were on the tour last year. Still drooling at the thought of those yummy desserts!
    Hope Jennifer is able to fit Bollywood into her trip!
    Love to you both


    • Hey Lynda, haha, that brunch at the JW was amazing, wasn’t it. We’ll reconvene the tours when this current workload eases, but right at this moment I have to hunker down and do what needs to be done. Great that you’re reading as widely as you are. Man o man you’re on a journey! Looking forward to seeing you and Dale in November when we come to the US. Big hugs mate, and lots of love, Bill

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