No more Wrestling with Crocodiles ~

PGS the film.
My film on intuition.
I’ve started back in the editing room with Rishi –

I downed tools nearly four months ago, and as it turned out the break was enormously beneficial. I’ve come back to the film now with absolute clarity as to the story I’m telling, and where the film should position.

The title will be: INTUITION – your Personal Guidance System. 

In the four months since I was last editing, a huge amount has happened. I’ve made some big leaps in my understanding of intuition – thanks to a couple of channeling sessions with Amanda Guggenheimer, then reading her books: The Light-Workers Companion and The Channel’s Companion. 

As well, I discovered Paul Selig’s books, including the amazing The Book of Mastery, I then began to read his other books, and along with some wonderfully long conversations with Michael Tamura in Mount Shasta, I’ve learned so much these past several months.

I’ve also had some vigorous conversations with skeptics, and also from those supposedly in the field of spiritual awakening – and these parries have sharpened my thinking.

I had a conversation with an academic doing research (and writing a book) on intuition, and I discovered that she had quite a bit of hostility towards me. I found that amusing, because we’re not in competition – the more works out there on intuition the better, is my thinking – but I kind of gathered that she resented a non-qualified person such as my self treading into her territory.

For me it was a very useful conversation though, because in our back-and-forth, it forced me to think quickly about my position on various aspects of intuition – and in my articulating these positions, it helped clarify a lot of my thinking that had up to that point been a bit fuzzy and ungrounded.

Jennifer said that the first stage of editing was me “wrestling with crocodiles.” Well, I can tell you that I’ve now pinned the crocs to the mat (or the riverbank, to keep the analogy), and I’m now guiding my vessel – my film – confidently downstream to its intended destination, which is you guys – the world.

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19 thoughts on “No more Wrestling with Crocodiles ~

  1. So happy for you. ..I had been wondering. .things unfold as they shall…always…we just don’t see it clearly…until we do.

    Light and Love as always. Ingrid

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    • Hi Ingrid – yes you’re right, I’m learning to let go and let things, as you say, unfold as they should. Trust is so important in this process. Trusting that the universe knows what’s right, and has the timing all worked out, which may not be MY timing! haha. I read somewhere just recently that a bloke was having an interchange with his Guides in a channeling session, and he expressed some frustration that things weren’t working out in the timeframe he’d hoped, and the Guides came back to him and said: Hey, you have no idea what we have to coordinate to make this happen for you. Just relax. haha. I thought that was cool…

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  2. So good to hear, Bill 😎 I’ve been out of the loop (and still am for another couple of days) walking the 100 km trek, but at least back here at Yulara I have if not full Internet connection, at least access to 4G! Hope to hear more and maybe meet up soon when back in Sydney. Keep up the good work and usual frantic pace 🤗

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    • Hey Britta – lovely to hear from you! Would love to catch up when you’re back because I’m sure you have some amazing stories from your time out there. It’s a very powerful place. Take care and see you soon – bill xx


  3. Bill,
    Like Britta I’ve been out of the loop, something happened and I was no longer subscribed to your blog so therefore was not getting email notification of your posts. Lynda mentioned something the other day about a post you had written and that set me off investigating. Ahh, I was no longer subscribed to the post.

    Well, long story bearable, I’m Back!

    Fabulous post – Ultreia et suseia (I think appropriate at this time)

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    • Hey Arlene – great to have you back!! Thanks for posting here – I always love to read your comments. Hope you’re settling in now to your new digs. Big hugs, Bill


  4. Hi Bill – this is so fantastic! Go for it!
    Best wishes and every success with the film – what a gift to the world it will be.
    Love to you and Jen –
    Jenny xo xo


  5. Seems like I’m not the only one that’s been out of the loop so I’m letting you know that I’m still out here and reading your stuff. I can’t wait for your film to show at the Newport Beach Film Festival. It not exactly Cannes but it’s the closest festival to the Wedge!


    • Thank you Michael – always lovely to see you post a comment here. The Newport Beach Film Festival sounds a whole bunch more fun than Cannes! And hey, when it gets boring, we can go for a surf! How good is that?! haha


  6. Absolutely wonderful to hear, Bill! Those who follow their intuition will always overcome those toothy crocs of many egos. Always. And, that is one of the things that I know your film will inspire people to do – seek the limitless and eternal within themselves and not be waylaid by bullies with big teeth and muscular brains. Also, not to invalidate someone I’m sure is a credentialed academic dedicated to intellectual research on the subject, but you ARE totally qualified to present your research on the subject of Intuition as our Personal Guidance System. After all, your exploration is personal and experiential and there is no greater qualification for knowing intuition than personal, direct experience of it. Above all, you are living more and more by intuition. That gives you total street creds that no amount of academic study of intuition can ever get you. Thinking about intuition doesn’t require courage – living by it does. That’s why everyone is fully intuitive, but most people don’t live by it. To live by intuition, you have to love yourself enough to stand by who you truly are and not second-guess yourself by what others think you are. After all, if we love someone enough, we’ll stand by them even if the lynch mob (or crocs) comes with sticks and stones; but, if we don’t, then, we’ll probably join them. That’s why “trust your intuition” and “follow your heart” go hand-in-hand. We can’t intuit truth when we are angry, scared, guilty, hateful, or blaming anyone. If we’re not loving our “enemy”, we’re not going to access our intuitive knowingness. Intuition requires us to use our whole mind, not a divided and conquered one. That’s one of the reasons why you knew you had to put experts who traditionally were seen to be on opposite or at least different “sides” on many issues (scientists, religious leaders, spiritual/metaphysical teachers) in your film – because about intuition, what they say isn’t divided or against each other. Look at how much healing your film is bringing to people – even before it’s completed or shown! Bravo!

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    • Michael, you both humble me and inspire me. Thank you! I have learned so much in the past six months. I feel as though I am shedding a skin, or skins, and have taken on a new mantle of understanding. Your posts here, your emails, and our talks together have helped me enormously. Again, my thanks, and my gratitude. I do feel that this film will resonate with a lot of people – and I believe I can now stand up in a room in front of a bunch of people and express my thoughts with a level of confidence that I didn’t formerly have. But I still have so much more to learn… 🙂 !!

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      • As do we all! (And, that is definitely a great thing!) The best thing for me so far about your filmmaking adventure on Intuition is that it brought old friends in spirit together on earth so that we can delight in our friendship and communication. As your film evolves, I know that there will be more of that happening around the globe. And, great communication and friendship will do inestimably more good toward bringing peace on earth than declaring any kind of war on terrorism or drugs or anything else.

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    • Dear Michael –
      Your comment has hit me like the most wonderful golden, healing dart – the truths in your comment have really shaken me up and they’ve reinforced what I have known for decades but have sometimes chosen to ignore – sometimes with hard lessons learnt because of those choices. The insights that I received from Bill’s post and your comments have me back on track to listen to my intuition and to trust in it.
      With thanks to you both –


      • Dear Jenny,
        Wonderful! It’s a golden healing dart that had struck you because, of course, you yourself are a compassionate healer. It takes one to know one, as they say. If you were to examine what made you decide to ignore some of what you knew intuitively in your life, you might discover that many of those kinds of decisions you made were due to you trying to protect or appease someone that you cared deeply about. You’re quite sensitive, psychic in many different ways – have been so since childhood – and more often than not, you have put your perception of another’s well-being before your own. You are truly a kind-hearted, loving soul – and a very creative one to boot! You’ve felt that you’ve had to diminish yourself at times to allow others to feel better about themselves. This is what many of us who are here to heal and teach go through – since healing always brings out the divisions in ones heart that they may be released in favor of having the wholeness that is life itself. That means that often the most loving souls are the most terrifying to those who are unhappiest with themselves. You’ve often taught others what you know to be true, yet some of them were not yet willing to receive your gifts and even turned against you. At times, you misinterpreted that as something that you did wrong, when it was merely that the other person was not yet ready to hear the truth or have the healing. The more powerful of a healer you are, the more you tend to bring out whatever fear the other person holds in his or her mind. Those who are afraid will almost always interpret their experience as needing to defend themselves against you. You have so much to offer many souls. Don’t let a few who are unwilling to be given a helping hand keep you from trusting in your own knowingness of truth.
        Peace be with you always. With love and laughter, Michael

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        • Dear Michael –
          Thank you so very much for the healing you have given me and for your beautiful, kind and wise words. I take all that you have given me into my heart and I’m so grateful to you for it.
          The tools for growth you and Bill have given me are precious (Bill for around three and a half years now) and I will use them with joy and with love always.
          With love and blessings –


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