A word, or two, from Kryon ~

I have settled back into home life in Mudgee.

Taken a week to get over jet lag, not helped by my internet which went down for two days. Don’t ask me about the correlation between jet lag and my internet not working, because I can’t explain it, other than I know it exists.

It’s cold here. Jennifer and I came back to minus -3C mornings – yes that’s minus three degrees Celsius. After balmy Portugal and Spain, it was a shock to the system.

I’ve been working on the script for my intuition film, which has been very difficult to crack. Man o man it’s a complex subject. How do you find a simple accessible line through it all without dumbing it down? That’s been one of my difficulties.

And whether it should be a personal film or a didactic film.

These are fundamental decisions which you think should come easily – and in fact they did when I began to realise that what was messing me up was my intellect. As soon as I let go that, and began to base my decisions on my intuition, then everything became so much easier, and I began to see it with clarity again. Doh, you might say, and rightly so!

Play by the rules Bill, play by the rules… you dummy.

I’ve come back wanting to keep walking, even though it’s cold and rainy here. I’ll do about 95kms this week. I have such a sedentary job, writing, so it’s important I allow a certain amount of time each day to exercise.

I listen to audio books as I walk. At the moment I’m re-reading, or rather listening to, Autobiography of a Yogi. This is my third reading of the book, and I’m getting more from it than from the past readings. As you learn more, you become receptive to more.

I’m also though listening to podcasts from Kryon, which is an entity channelled by Lee Carroll, perhaps the most famous and respected of all the current channellers. Lee features in my film – and his contribution will be significant. He’s a brilliant man, and his channellings are extraordinary in their wisdom and compassion.

Jennifer by the way put me onto Kryon originally. She’s been reading his channellings, and listening to them, for the past fifteen years.

His channellings are free. Just go to http://www.kryon.com and go to the Free Audio section and you can listen to literally hundreds of his channellings since 2002.

I thought I would post an excerpt of one here, because it relates to intuition, and synchronicity.

Trust and follow your first instincts. This rule is to trust and follow your first intuitions. How many times have you had a situation where you said, “Oh, if I had only done what I had first thought?” This is actually part of the system, and that’s the way it occurs to you. It is often the very first instinct you will have about a situation. Some call it intuition, but it’s much more than that.

Some of you must learn to do this, for many of you are not used to what the first instinct even feels like. So part of the system is beginning to understand what intuition and instinct looks and feels like. “Well, Kryon, how do we do that?” How about asking for it? “Dear Spirit, let me recognize the signs when I feel them and hear them, and realize what they are.” The promise is you’ll always get them, but how bright they appear in your mind is up to you. There are certain Human Beings who actually suppress their instincts. They don’t like them and they get in the way of their logic. Many do not think with their hearts at all, and only with their brains. But quite often the first instinct is a “heart connection” process.

The next one, number five, is so misunderstood. Gone are the days when the Human Being sits and waits for God to do something. The system is all around you. It’s ready to facilitate your needs, but if you never open the door, nothing is ever going to happen. Yet Humans continue to pray. “I want the healing so bad,” they say. “I want these things so much! I’d like a partner in my life. I’d like to know what I’m supposed to do with my life.” So they spend all the time in prayer and meditation every day, asking, never leaving the house, constantly in prayer. That’s a great way to meet someone, isn’t it?

You’ve got to step out and push upon the doors. So here is what number five is: There must be action on your part. And it comes in many forms and honors whatever your culture supports. But in general, it means leaving the house and going places where you can interact with the potentials of the synchronicity. No matter what you’re looking for, it will involve the system of humanity. Therefore, you can’t sit in one room alone and expect answers.

Many say, “Dear Spirit, show me what it is I’m supposed to know.” Then they sit there and nothing happens… and nothing happens… and nothing happens. So in desperation, they get up and go to the esoteric bookstore. They’re walking along in the aisle and a book falls on their head! God just spoke! Then they often say, “This is the book I’ve been looking for. What a revelation for me. Thank you, God.” And this is how it works. You’ve got to get up and go, and when you go, number six, the big one: Expect synchronicity.

Synchronicity is defined as energies that align with purpose. These situations look like accidents, but they are not. Listen. This is the key. You have heard there are no accidents, but there are those outside of your belief system who say, “That’s crazy. That’s not right.” Synchronicity looks and appears like coincidence. It often looks like an accident, but it is not. It is you at the right time, at the right place, with the potentials aligned that you asked for. But if you’re going to have synchronicity and aligned potentials, you’ve got to be there to experience them, don’t you?

So you’ve got to take some action, and whether it’s a phone call, or it’s an electronic communication, or whether it’s you with your body, you’ve got to put yourself in places where the synchronicity and the system can work. And I say it for those in these rooms and those who are hearing and reading now. There are those of you who still will not do this, for you believe there’s some kind of sacredness in staying put and just praying. Instead, try to understand the balance of things. There is a time for asking, and a time for receiving. They are done in separate places! If you spend all your time in the asking place, no receiving will occur.

Those are the postulates. Now I’m going to give you some practical things using these postulates. We’re going to discuss some situations and show you how Spirit works. Some of you know these things, but perhaps you’ve never put it together.

The first one, the most difficult for Human Beings, is timing. Yesterday we said that your clock is not God’s clock. We also told you that it’s impossible to apply a 3D time frame to an interdimensional potential. It’s frustrating to Humanity that God delivers things not when you ask for them, but only when you need them. You see, to us it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to give you an answer to put in your pocket. Because when you get to the place where you thought you’d need it, and pull it out of your pocket, it’s the wrong answer! Instead, it must meet the scenario of the synchronicity and the energy of the moment.

Here is the link to this channelling – http://www.kryon.com/k_chanelhandbook05.html

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  1. Glad to hear, Bill, you’re back, out of the jetlag fog, walking and listening and doing / writing. May it last! Incidentally, hope you’re OK with the current weather? Sydney is more than awash with the usual trees down, cars drowned on suburban street, umbrellas scattered all over, ferries stopped … early winter at it’s best!! 🙂


    • Hey Britta, yes I believe it’s been pretty wild in Sydney today. Mudgee has been wet and cold, but not stormy. Watching the Swans play in really wet conditions up on the Gold Coast! So seems like the bad weather is everywhere! We’ve got to catch up again soon, no?


      • Yes, it would be great to catch up, although when that might be with all our wonderful and wonderfully busy lives, who knows?! Didn’t know the Swannies were in Qld getting drowned (hope they won?!), although I know from my friends on the Tweed that that river broke its banks. Yes, climate change is definitely with us!


  2. OK not rubbing it in…..but we finally have Summer…glorious hot 😆 humid😅flower scented summer….for such a short time.

    Walked 22.5 kms yesterday….with the usual breaks …and it felt like a Camino day, easing my envy a bit…as I follow friends who are currently walking in Europe.

    Light and Love Ingrid


    • Haha – yes, I have no right to complain about the cold when you have your Canadian winters Ingrid! 22+kms is good going – you must be fit! But it must be lovely there this time of the year. I remember being in Nova Scotia in June a while back, and it was glorious.

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      • well gotta keep up if I want to walk the Highlands …. just hoping timing works out.


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