PortCam16 // D4 / Quintiaes to Ponte de Lima

Today it rained.

It finally destroyed  my record for rain-free days, but the farmers needed it.

That’s how I rationalised the crushing disappointment.

church & cross-1

It was light rain, barely rain really, but given that I had to put on a rain jacket, I could no longer call it drizzle.

Bill in field of flowers-1

With mist hanging in the mountains, and glowering skies, it made for a very beautiful walk. Particularly with Spring flowers everywhere.

flower on fence-1 yellow flowers-1

It was a longish day – more than 20kms – but everyone was in good spirits. The day remained cool, and after lunch the rain stopped – so it was wonderful walking weather.

Merissa & Bart-1 Merissa & Bart ws walking-1 Neville at St. James cairn-1

Jennifer hung out as usual with the back mob, and they meandered in late – having had a relaxed and fun day.

Jennifer in field of flowers-1

Walking into Ponte de Lima is one of the highlights of this Camino. It has to be the most beautiful entrance to any town on this route.

Walking into Ponte de Lima RV-1 Neville walking into Ponte de Lima-1

This evening we all went into the historic centre to have dinner.

the town was all lit up for festivities…

town lit up-1

Jose, the wonderful agent who has helped organise the tour, lives in Ponte de Lima and popped in to say hello – and connect up with Antonio.

Antonio and Jose-1

After dinner, we walked over and looked at the Romanesque bridge and the church beyond… Tomorrow we will be crossing that bridge and heading up into the mountains for the toughest day of the tour.

church lit up-1

20 thoughts on “PortCam16 // D4 / Quintiaes to Ponte de Lima

  1. Beautiful. Do I ever remember Ponte de Lima. The gateway in is spectacular. Seemed we had a great meal there also, though, honestly, it all runs together, but the entry, I will never forget. And crossing the bridge the next morning and traipsing into the mountains was pretty spectacular also. Is tomorrow the day you, Arlene and I walked up the rocky mountain side?

    Love following along. Might have to do some walking again myself, but, first things first, if you know what I mean.

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    • Hey Steve – yes you remembered right, tomorrow is the hard climb up that hill! And yes, that entrance into Ponte de Lima is spectacular. It’s such a beautiful town, and so much of this brings back such wonderful memories of that last tour with you and Arlene and Marie and Greg and Donna, and the Landers Express, and the Landers Caboose! haha.. It was a great time we had…

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    • Yes, Steve the next day is the mountain the three of us climbed together. Do you remember Marie getting her feet soaking wet in the stream right at the beginning of the trek? I do, in fact I have a picture! That was a great climb, I loved it – in fact the only climb I have ever truly enjoyed despite all the hills and mountains I have climbed and still climb. What a great day with a couple of great guys!

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      • Hi everyone, as said by Arlene ,this climb was this only one I had fun to climb.It was with Jen.Never forget.
        Happy climbing for tomorrow.
        I miss you and the Camino.


          • I expect your fondest memory of that day Donna must have been getting a kiss on the cheek from some young Portuguese Pilgrim boys?!?!
            What were their names? Or do you only remember their gorgeous smiles?


        • Lovely to hear that Marie. I will tell our group at breakfast this morning, because some are quite anxious about it. Jen and I wish you were with us, because there are some on this tour that really need your medical and healing skills!


  2. I’m loving reading along Bill. Thanks once again for sharing with us all. Fantastic memories are flooding back.

    I miss all of my Camino buddies.

    😘 to you all.


    • Hi Donna – I miss you all as well – we need to do something about all getting together again! I’d love to entertain the idea – Love you all – Arlène


        • D ~ I’m planning on the Bavarian Christmas Market Tour with Bill – it sure would be nice if you and Greg could join. Just a thought ~ A


          • Wouldn’t that be amazing!
            I’ve just had holidays approved for November and another one is late December/Early January – not sure I can manage more! ……. Unless I change some around!


  3. And there were little daisies at the top of the mountain where Ken, Jules, Pete and I stopped for a short time. Those little daisies are fun to play with you know Bill, they look very lovely in your hair, up your nose ……….
    Is Marta still working at the ‘Inn’ Bill?


    • Haha – can’t remember a Marta. Can’t remember daisies up my nose. But I might try it this time! And depending where I sit, I might find a few up somewhere else too!!


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