PortCam16 / D2 // Arcos to Barcelos

Today wasn’t a particularly long day’s walk – 21kms – but it was hot (up to 38C), on cobblestones pretty much the whole way, and hard work.

The heat made it difficult for most of us. Radiating up off the cobblestones, it was enervating.

Before we started, I took some portraits.
This is Antonio.


Antonia is our driver / assistant / our helper / fixer. He is our Caterina. Some of the ladies think he’s good looking. Antonio isn’t just a pretty face. He’s an architect. Taking out time from a high powered internship to do this tour.


This is Merissa. Merissa has allergies, and so she has to walk with a mask.

Cool look.


This is Merissa’s father, Bart. Bart used to be in the US Navy. His specialty was electronics. Bart is handy when we get lost.

He’s out of the Forces now and works for Intel.


Bart and Merissa come from Portland Oregon – one of my favourite parts of the world – and they are a fascinating couple. At the age of 14 Bart pulled a car apart and reconstituted it.

Ian and Bart-1

This is Ian leaning on Bart.

Ian works for Air New Zealand and he’s fleet of foot. He’s a solid walker.

Bart and Ian and I walked together today. We were the front mob.

Bart and Ian walking off-1

Jennifer had a languid breakfast with the back mob –

Laggard brekfast club-1

I have named them the Laggard Womens Breakfast Club.

Later Jennifer redeemed herself as a true pilgrim by walking into Barcelos –

Jennifer walking into barcelos-1

We had dinner at my favourite grilled chicken joint – the Furna, in Barcelos.

This is one end of the table –

Furno one end of table-1

This is the other end of the table –

Furno other end of table-1

This is both ends of the table joined together…

our group at table-1

This is the staff watching the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Manchester City. (The tv in this exposure is blown out, however trust me there’s a footy match being played…)

staff watching telly-1

Real Madrid won.

Meanwhile I was having an interesting conversation with Bart, being an American, about Donald Trump, seeing as how today he became the presumptive Republican party nominee.

This is Donald Trump –

Screenshot 2016-05-04 22.31.24

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  1. First, if only some of the ladies thought Antonio is good looking, the rest must have thought he is absolutely gorgeous! And Greg I’d say it was a few bottles of white port! I do not like Donald Trump, his speeches are extremely disrespectful to all but that picture. Almost as bad as the dwarf business.


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  2. LOL! I love it! great portrait.
    But better is that you have such a big beautiful group with you!


  3. Damn it, Bill. I’ve been away (and out of range) for a few days, so just intended reading your latest posts and then getting on with my life … and you up the ante with THAT drawing, so I had to read the comments, of course. Good to see you’ve not changed and that that Jennifer still hasn’t tossed you out!! 🙂


    • haha – this is what happens when you stay away from the blog too long Britta!! I have yet to top my burning dwarf moment, but then again that was after all the product of you three ladies spiking my fruit juice with Sangria…


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