PortCam16 / Day1 // (Porto to Arcos)

Finally we broke the ice and started walking today.

We did a jump in the van, avoiding the messiness of leaving Porto, and began our Camino on the outskirts of the city – not before though taking a group shot outside our hotel.

group shot porto-1

Heading off –

leaving Mosteirio-1

This was our first official way marker –

our first way marker-1

The route took us through some small villages and across some medieval bridges – in all about 18kms of walking. It was sunny and a warmish day, and combined with lots of kms of cobblestones, it made for a tiring day for some.

bridge with ducks-1 Ian at bridge-1

As usual, I walked with the front mob, Jennifer with the back mob.

The back mob I suspect had more fun than the front mob. The back mob stopped in bars and drank beer. (They have yet to be introduced to the wicked delights of White Port.)

Note the use of capitals…

The journey is being documented by filmmaker Bill Brystock.

Bill at camera-1


Jennifer and I stopped in at Vila d’Arcos and met up with Catarina and Belmira and Alfredo – three wonderful friends. Catarina is now a lawyer and is studying for her PhD and to become a judge.

Catarina mcu-1

Tomorrow we head to Barcelos, one of our favourite haunts on the Portuguese Camino. We will wake up on Thursday morning to the craziness of the famed Barcelos Markets.

All up it was a great start to the tour…

Arcos church-1


10 thoughts on “PortCam16 / Day1 // (Porto to Arcos)

  1. That’s your hotel?! Do we presume not? 🙂
    What wonderful weather for your first day 🙂


    • Haha – no, that was a church just opposite. Very beautiful in the morning light. And yes, so far the weather has been respectful of my impeccable record – although wet weather is predicted in the next few days. We’ll see… 🙄


  2. Bill,
    Such wonderful memories and photos!

    Were you able to get inside the church? It was closed when last I was there, except of course when the mass was going on so I never got inside. Some of my group did though and said it was beautiful.

    In two more months I will be there with my tour, can’t wait – I love the Caminho Português, lovely country and lovely people. As you know, my tour is totally along the coast which I think will be lovely as well, I’ll definitely let you know how it goes.



    • Hey Arlene, yes this next tour for you will be interesting, along the coast route. I’m really looking forward to seeing your photos and seeing what that’s like. There really is something special about this Portuguese Camino though, isn’t there…


  3. Ah beautiful Catarina. I miss her.
    Congratulations on getting the first day under your belt. That’s the hardest day. Everyone will enjoy themselves more now. Bill, remember not to look at way markers on mobile rubbish bins. 😀 Have fun guys and I’m looking forward to the daily updates. Bom Camino

    Liked by 1 person

    • Many thanks Donna. Yes, it was out of Vila do Conde I think that I followed those way markers on the wheelie bins, and ended up doing an extra 6kms or so! Haha. Today was a longish day in the heat, but everyone is starting to find their own particular pace and rhythm. Many thanks for your well wishes!


  4. Yes Bill thé black mob has a lot of fun. I can testify.zI don’t remember beers, but delicious soups with Jen.I have a vivid memories of the killer cobblestones also.
    Beautiful pictures as usual.
    Buen Camino to all of you.


  5. What a fabulous first day Bill – glorious sunshine – what a pleasure to be out in the landscape on such a day.
    The White Port demands respect … just as well you put a capital “W” and a capital “P”!
    Bom Caminho to you all –
    Jenny xxx


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