Trust your PGS – Michael Tamura Pt2

Continuing on from the post yesterday, from famed psychic healer Michael Tamura – he sent me a 2nd email which detailed a remarkable story about how his intuition literally saved a woman’s life.

Here’s the story –

Michael Tamura – 

I was returning back to my hotel room in LA after a very long day of teaching all day followed by a series of meetings culminating with a late dinner meeting with a friend.  That friend dropped me off back at the hotel and I headed straight for the elevator to take me up to the floor my room was on.  

But, as I stepped into the elevator and before the doors closed, I had a vague thought that maybe I should go to the hotel gift store before going upstairs and get myself a couple of bottles of water and perhaps a magazine or two to read to unwind from a strenuous day.  That thought was like the proverbial cane in the vaudeville act hooking me around my neck to pull me off the stage – or in this case, the elevator before the doors closed me in.  

So, I went to the gift store to buy the water and magazines.  As soon as I got to the magazine rack, however, the young Chinese manager walked up to me – with no one else in the store – and asked me if I was the “spiritual healer” that everyone was talking about today who was teaching some kind of seminar on healing in the hotel.  He said a bunch of people talked about this teacher in his store this afternoon.  

I said that I was a spiritual healer and I was teaching seminars that weekend in the hotel so most likely that must be me.  Then, he asked if he could ask me a question.  At first, I thought, “Oh, no, there goes my desperately needed kick back and relax time before falling asleep.”  But, as I asked him what his question was, I was duly impressed with his sincerity and depth of interest.  

He pointed to a position on the countertop and said, “If this is our death, and…” pointing to another spot on the counter, “….this is our rebirth, then, what happens in between?” And, he indicated the space between the death point and the rebirth point on the imagined line.

Well, it was the beginning of another class session.  But, he quickly said, “I’ll be right back.” And then he disappeared into the back store room.  When he reappeared, he brought three plastic milk carton crates and put them down upside down on the floor and motioned me to please have a seat.  

I laughed, thinking, “Now, I’m a hostage in a hotel gift shop!”  To make that thought complete, the man went to the front door, reversed the “open” sign to “closed” and locked the door from the inside! Hahaha…. I was doomed.  Then, he ran back into the store room and this time emerged with a pretty, shy, young Chinese woman in tow.  They each took their place on the remaining crates. Now, I had a classroom with two willing students!

After talking about dying, the afterlife and rebirth for about an hour, I told the two of them that that was enough talk.  Would he like to experience a little healing?  Of course he would.  By this point, I was certain that this gathering was no accident and I was there to help him with some kind of deep struggle he was having.  

As I started to give him a healing, I immediately saw his mother, obviously in spirit, laughing and dancing around him in delight.  I described the woman and asked if that was his mother.  Before he could answer fully, the young woman sitting on the other crate jumped up and started practically shouting at him saying, “I told you! I told you! Your mother is laughing and dancing around you! I’ve seen her like that when I visit you in your apartment!”  It was getting quite interesting.

The man got a bit teary-eyed as he spoke of his mother’s death four years prior.  I thought, “So this was the healing he needed.” But, then, I saw a young Chinese boy around him as well after the mother went away.  I asked the man if he had also lost a brother when he was a child.  That’s when the damn broke.  

Between his sobs, I could tell the guilt he felt so I asked him how his brother died.  When the man was 12 years old and his brother was 8 or 9, he took his brother bike riding and they were having a great time.  But, when they were riding along a culvert, his brother lost control of his bike and fell into the water and drowned.  The man had lived with that guilt ever since and blamed himself almost on a daily basis.  

When I told him about where his brother was since that accident and that he held no animosity whatsoever, no blame, but had enormous love for him, he visibly changed from a stooped shouldered, troubled man into the kind, laughing, generous man that he was.  I thought, “Ah, so this was the real healing.”

Of course, I noticed the young woman wanting to have that kind of healing as well, so I asked her if she would like one and she literally teleported herself onto the healing crate the man stepped away from.  Her healing revealed that there was an impasse between her and her very traditional Chinese mother.  The young woman disclosed to me that she was deeply in love with the young man, the store manager, and they wish to marry, but her mother absolutely refuses to give her consent.  

I went into quite a bit of detail as to what her mother’s thinking about it all was and that it wasn’t that she was against her marrying this man, but that she was trying to protect her well being.  I told her that with communication and a little time, her mother was going to come around, especially after we worked on some past-life karmic issues between the two of them.  By the end of the healing, the young woman was smiling for the first time since I met her.

It was past 1 AM and I was finally going to be able to get some sleep! The manager realized that he intercepted me from doing what I was in his store in the first place for so he asked me what it was I came into the store to get.  When I told him that I just wanted to get some water and a couple of magazines to take back to my hotel room, he ran over to the magazine rack and grabbed a whole assortment of them along with two liter bottles of water and put them all in a big bag.  “On the house!” he announced and thanked me for giving the two of them all the communication and healing.

We all stepped out of the store into the darkened hallway as he fumbled with the lock to lock up the shop for the night.  Meanwhile, as he struggled with the key, the woman pulled me aside away from his earshot and whispered into my ear, “Thank you for saving my life tonight.”  

I took that as hyperbole coming from the afterglow of the healing she got, but, she reiterated it saying, “It is true. You saved my life tonight because if it weren’t for all that you said about my mother and the healing you gave us, I was going to go back to my apartment and kill myself.”  She then unfolded a piece of paper with her final love letter and suicide note that she had already written to her fiance!  She told me that because of what I told her she realized that she didn’t have to kill herself.

Three months later, the two of them got married with the full blessings of both families.  Six months later, they found and bought their first home.  A year later, she was pregnant.  The last I saw and heard of them, they were working on their third child and happily moving along their path.

Yes, intuition, when followed through, changes lives for the better.  I followed mine and they followed theirs.  All of our lives were enriched by our coming together.  And, intuition reveals itself in a variety of forms.  Rather than my PGS telling me, “Go to the hotel gift store and talk to the manager about life and death,” it suggested that I might want to get a bottle of water and a magazine or two to read before hitting the sack.

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  1. WOW!! I am reminded of what I have said to you before. Just because I don’t understand it does not mean it is not true. I don’t think I am evolved (Gary Sukov) to reach that far, but that does not mean it is not true.

    Buem Camino


    • Hey Steve – yes, it’s an amazing story, isn’t it. And as for your level of evolvement, the fact that you’re reading this blog means you’re on the path mate! 🙂


      • Me too then! I don’t think I’m too evolved but believe that with your, Jennifer and the core group here’s help, feel I’m starting down the path! That is an amazing story. I bet he has many wonderful stories.
        Buen Camino


  2. Chills running down my back… wow Bill, you walk in mighty circles. Bom Caminho btw… will be right there along side you and Jennifer again… Blessings on your way. Ingrid


    • Hi Ingrid, yes the story impacted me the same way when I read it in the email. That’s why I thought it would be good, with MichEl’s permission, to post it here… Thanks for your kind words…


    • Hey Greg – Michael spins a good yarn, doesn’t he. And being on there diving end of one of his hearings, I can tell you he’s quite extraordinary. Truly unique…


  3. Wow. And the song that has just come on my iPod is Take Your Breath Away. That is certainly what this story has done. Thank you both so much for sharing with us all. Warm and tingly here.


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