Trust your PGS – Michael Tamura

During the making of my intuition film I’ve been fortunate to make some good friends all around the world. 
Amongst them is the remarkable Michael Tamura, the famed psychic healer from Mt. Shasta. 
Michael and I communicate regularly, and I will sometime phone him out of the blue for a chat – and each time we communicate he teaches me something new, and wonderful. 
We swapped emails just before I left for Portugal, and, having received his permission to do so, I am publishing the first of two parts here now. 
MICHAEL TAMURA – from an email to Bill Bennett, April 17 ~ 
(Responding to an email where I am told him of my struggles with my film, thrashing around wondering if it should be didactic or personal… I finally came to the conclusion that it should be personal.) L
I agree that your film has to be personal and it follows your journey of exploration, discovery, healing and continued awakening.  Naturally, that would be the “P” in the PGS: Personal.  Intuition is actually UGS – Universal Guidance System – but, each of us experiences it personally.  That’s the amazing thing about Spirit.  It’s limitless, eternal and universal, yet, it guides us individually, in the most personal way possible.  And, it guides us from wherever we are personally to where we need to be cosmically and then to beyond all.  
One of the challenges for all of us in relationship to following the inner guidance of our intuition is trusting.  We’ve all had many experiences in which we kick ourselves as we exclaim, “I KNEW that was going to happen” or “I KNEW I should have done that,” but didn’t trust our intuition enough to follow through with the appropriate action.  That happens when we wait for some proof that what we know intuitively is correct before acting on or expressing that which we know to be true.  In the case of accepting intuition as our guide, the proof is always in the sharing, in the application.  It’s not until we express and share what we know intuitively or act upon it that we are able to see the confirmation that our intuition was correct.  Because, our confirmation is our realization. Until we have the trust or faith to make real in the world what we know to be true within us, we can’t confirm it for ourselves.  No one else can confirm it for us – it’s quite personal in that regards as well.  
That’s also where orthodox scientific methodologies run into trouble trying to “prove” intuition.  But, that’s where the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle comes in.  Or, rather, how that principle came into being was via the experience of scientists experimenting with sub-atomic particles and came to the realization that the consciousness of those who were witnessing the experiment actually changed the behavior of the particles and their outcome in the experiment.  The outcome of our intuition certainly changes with the state of our consciousness.
If, for example, a person follows her intuition that tells her to turn left at the next intersection and then she finds that she is further away from her intended destination, she may decide that her intuition was “wrong.”  Yet, if she expands her consciousness to include a much larger arena of her life, she may discover that had she turned right like her directions told her to do, she would have ended up in a serious accident or other dangerous situation.  Or, in a different scenario, she may not have met a person who would change her life for the better.

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  1. Thanks for this post Bill, I really enjoying reading Michael’s words because they resonate very well for me. And they have come at a time when I have been mulling over trust, growing awareness and knowing. I look forward to the next part.


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