The Way, My Way keeps going ~

I got a wonderful five star review for my book this morning –

This book really spoke to me. I am finally going on the Camino this June and feel energized yet a bit daunted about what I’ve committed myself to. Will I be able to complete the Camino? Bill Bennet’s narrative has awed and inspired me to take the leap of faith. Thanks, mate!

One of the things that knocks me out about how the book has fared is that it’s encouraged others to walk the Camino.Β That gives me great pleasure.

The book has been out in the marketplace now about two and a half years, and it has far exceeded my expectations. It seems like each year it finds new readerships – perhaps as more folk consider doing the Camino.

I have now finished a screenplay based loosely on the book – and have initial interest from Universal. The film will be humorous in tone, like the book.

It takes a long time to get a film made – so don’t expect it in the cinemas any time soon – and I have two other films to make in the interim – PGS and DEFIANT.

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10 thoughts on “The Way, My Way keeps going ~

  1. Hi Bill,

    I had been interested in the Camino based on some other writings, but your book is what finally convinced me to take the plunge. My walk is still a year+ away, but your writings made me realize this is something I need to do. Can’t wait for the movie!



    • That’s fabulous George. Having a year or more to prepare is wonderful, because apart from all the intricate little details you can discover, you also have the joy of anticipation – so that when you finally do come to do the walk, it will mean so much more to you… Bill


  2. Of course it’s a great review, Bill! It’s a great and fun and inspiring book. Glad to hear that it’s still out there stirring souls towards their Camino journey πŸ™‚


  3. Congratulations Bill – both on the continuing fantastic reviews and on the initial interest from Universal. Who will play you? Hmmm – what about Richard Roxburgh!


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