My favourite photos of 2015 ~

Around about this time of the year, I post my favourite photos of the year.

Notice I don’t say best – because there’s no such thing as a best photo, just like there’s no such thing as a best film.

It’s all subjective.
It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

2015 was a big year of traveling for me – what with all the filming on my PGS Intuition film. And when I’m filming I find it hard to take photos not related to the filming.

My head is elsewhere.
So is my eye.

Anyway, here are the shots that stirred my soul. They may not stir yours; in fact, you might think I’m nuts selecting some of the shots that I have – but these ones I quite like…Serbian church int

Cowboy CU

Jen heading to Basilica2 Ladies in breakfast room Models 3 Man with dog

Burnt toast

missing girls runners AC chair car cpyright BIll Bennett © Bill Bennett

Lotus blossoms in market Dharamsala Market worker, Thimphu Bhutan Buddhist Master, Bhutan © Bill Bennett © Bill Bennett

Screenshot 2015-12-30 09.03.04 car in istanbul-1 eggs-1


8 thoughts on “My favourite photos of 2015 ~

  1. Fantastic photos Bill – I particularly like the photo of the child (the little monk, for want of a better term) – wow! – the colours! And those eyes! GORGEOUS!
    Cheers to you and Jen –
    Jenny xx

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    • Of course I’m in agreement with Jenny on this one, Bill, seeing as it’s one of our Rishikumars but I enjoyed all of the photos and was in fact thinking of doing something similar with my blog but it may be ones that I haven’t posted. Happy New Year and love to you and Jennifer!!!

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      • Thanks Laurie – you should put your photos up. Some of these shots I haven;t posted on the blog at all – for instance the egg shot I don’t think appeared on the blog, nor the burned out car… love you to too and all the best for a cracker 2016!

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  2. Bill, the photos are all great! As soon as I saw the pic of the DQ and American flag, I knew that had to be Texas. I enlarged the picture and could see the Texas plates on the cars. With the help of the highway signs in the background and Google, I was able to determine that you were in Grand Prairie, Texas off of I-20. No doubt on your Dallas trip this summer. If I recall, that trip was in the heat of the summer, so maybe you stopped off at the Dairy Queen for a Blizzard? 🙂

    Not sure why, but the gentleman with the dog, the floating flowers (I assume Lotus flowers) and the sneakers in the corridor were my favorites.

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    • Hi George – a nice piece of sleuthing there! You are absolutely right… that’s where it was. The shots you also mention I like too – the man with the dog needs to be enlarged to get the full impact, and the lotus flowers were in fact plastic! But the resolution of the shot, and the texture, is wonderful…


  3. Love the burnt toast and the ‘tin man’ from the Slumdog slums in Mumbay … what a day that was!! Happy New Year and all the very best for 2016 … and long lunches 🙂


    • Yes Britta – the contrast between the slums and that amazing buffet at the JW Marriott was a bit mind bending wasn’t it. Hope to see you again soon, and all the best for 2016 too!! love, Bill & Jen


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