White Witch Black Witch now in paperback!

Hey you all –

my book White Witch, Black Witch: Initiate is now available in paperback on Amazon.


What a great Chrissie pressie!!

Remember tomorrow (or the day after in the rest of the world other than Australia) was the birth of one of the greatest blokes ever to have lived and died and lived again.

Love to you all – you magnificent folk you.



15 thoughts on “White Witch Black Witch now in paperback!

  1. See, I knew, Bill there was a reason why I hadn’t bought the e-book as yet. Some books are find on Kindle, others I simply need the paper!!! 🙂

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  2. Dear Bill,I have ordered your book – it looks irresistible!  Thanks for letting us know about it! Have a wonderful Christmas season, too – to you and your family.  Thanks, also for the lovely note wishing us happy holidays as well. This holiday season has been a bit strange for us, but we are keeping in the Spirit of it anyway (we both LOVE this season.)  The good news is, we have had a lot of snow and it is staying on the ground this year, which is good for California’s water situation (northern CA, anyway). Be well and know we send you so much love,Raphaelle


    • Hi Raphaelle – how wonderful you have snow there. Now the deer will make sense! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the book – and please give Michael a big hug for me (and tell him I’ve stopped coughing for good!!) – with love to you both, Bill


  3. Fantastic birthday gift too Bill !
    Best wishes for every success with both the Kindle and paperback versions of the book.
    Cheers –


    • Actually jenny, I think it would make not only a good Christmas present, and as you say a birthday present too, but also a really great present for the New Year, at Easter, or come to think of it the Winter Solstice, or the Summer Solstice too – not to mention various anniversaries, and general random acts of generosity… 🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. Thank goodness for Amazon!!! Have just ordered the book and they can ship to a pick-up point so I don’t have to worry about it getting lost in delivery whilst I’m away on hols – and it’ll be something to look forward to and, from the reviews already in online, being scared by – can’t wait!! 🙂


  5. Just figure out to synch my PC Kindle with my Galaxy Note 4, so now I finally will be able to read it as a bed time story. Eventually I will purchase the book, hopefully soon to be available on Amazon.ca, (not .com). I much prefer a hand held book, and this one will imprint with my energy… so hmm will see how I will “experience” the story then.

    Thank you Bill for the download… such anticipation. Blessed Be. Ingrid


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