Varanasi – d1 /

We flew into Varanasi this afternoon –

My PGS told me we should go there, that it would be important for the film – but I didn’t really know why.

© Bill Bennett

At Delhi airport I was directed by my PGS to buy a book called Benares – City of Light.  It’s a very readable an academic account of Varanasi, which used to be called Benares.

Benares City of Light

I was reading this book on the plane, and on touchdown in Varanasi I read the last sentence of the chapter I was on – and it said that Benares is regarded by the Hindus as being the embodiment of the sixth chakra, which is the Ajna Chakra – which links to the Third Eye.

I suddenly knew why I’d come.

The Third Eye is integral to intuition. Essentially, I’d come to the most important place on the planet for intuition.

There’s a lot I will tell you about this fascinating place – that it’s the home of Shiva, that it exists above the earthly plane, that it’s the crossover place for the dead – but it’s late now and I’ll just quickly run through today’s essentials, and tell you more in the coming days…

I’d booked a cheap guest house that faces the Ganges – but I didn’t realise it’s impossible to get a vehicle close to the places by the river. That meant we had to park about 10 minutes walk away, and some young fellas from the hotel came and carried our bags through the chaos of the old part of town.

© Bill Bennett

Jennifer glided along with her usual stately calm…

© Bill Bennett

We finally got to the hotel, dropped our bags off, and went for a walk – and soon found a sadhu who looked like he’d been plucked from Central Casting.

© Bill Bennett

But he was the real deal.
So we filmed him.

He didn’t mind – and when I offered him money when we’d finished he refused to take it.

© Bill Bennett

We then walked along by the Ghats – the stairs that run down to the river – and ended up in a cafe atop a hotel that had a breathtaking view of the sacred river.

© Bill Bennett © Bill Bennett

We snacked on a plate of Tandoori mixed vegetables.

© Bill Bennett

Tomorrow we’re getting up before dawn to shoot.

This is a special place.
The embodiment of the Sixth Chakra…


© Bill Bennett

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  1. Bill
    Is that Rachit with Jennifer in the rooftop cafe? I really enjoyed meeting him on the tour. A truly good guy. Jennifer is beautiful, as usual! Miss you all.


    • Hi Lynda, yes Rachit is with us. He IS a lovely fellow, and he did a good job on the tour – it’s good to have him back with us now working on the film!


  2. So good to follow your intuition isn’t it Bill, as it is taking you to the right places and right people:) I feel you are a good reminder for us all to trust.


  3. Yes, as always, Jen just looks as if she totally fits in 🙂 What Lynda said about Rachit … a truly humble, bright, generous human being. We are very lucky to have had him in our lives, thanks 🙂

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