Mother Ganga tour – d9 / rishikesh

We are now at Rishikesh, in our ashram. 

That sounds pretty cool huh? 

After a week and a half of five star luxury, the creme-de-la-creme being the Taj at Chandigarth, which was  over the top opulent, we are now in ascetic digs. 

Real ashram living. 

But, the rooms have AC, ensuite bathroom with a proper western toilet, and a view of the Ganges! 

What more could someone on a spiritual tour want? 

But – gasp – NO WI FI!!!!

Oh well…  Luckily I have a local SIM card for this iPad so that’s how I’m posting. But I can’t post any of the shots I’ve taken with my camera – only very ordinary shots taken with this lousy iPad camera…

Rishikesh is a dry, vegetarian town. At least where we are. No booze of any kind, and the restaurants don’t serve meat, or even eggs. Some don’t even sell diary. Black tea folks! 

The ashram itself is beautiful. 

And so too the very powerful energies coming off Mother Ganga. 

Right at the moment Jennifer is having a full Ayruvedic massage and therapy treatment – 90 minutes for Rs2100 – which is like US$32. The other ladies are lined up to have a session too. 

The rest of us are going for a walk following the banks of the Ganges back towards the town of Rishikesh. 

Should be fun. 

Will post more later.