Mother Ganga tour – d6 / beyond Dharamsala ~

(This post is only halfway done – and it’s late, because the internet at the hotel in Dharamsala is not working sufficiently well for me to post photos… sorry!) 

Today we ventured outside of Dharamsala –

Firstly, we visited the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, which includes a museum of Tibetan religious artefacts and works of cultural significance.

Some of us walked down the long steep hill to the library.

Marie wanted to buy an umbrella from a Buddhist monk, who didn’t want to sell it to her because he said it was old and broken. Marie was insistent, not because it was likely to rain (it never rains on my tour! 🙂 ) but because she wanted it as a walking stick.

She offered him five hundred rupees (Rs500), for the umbrella, which you could probably buy in a market for Rs100. The monk didn’t want to take that much money, insisting that it was old and broken. But Marie was insistent. And those that know Marie know that when she is insistent, she gets what she wants!

cpyright BIll Bennett

She bought the umbrella, for Rs500, telling the monk that it was a donation to the community. Five minutes later, she tried to open the umbrella and it broke. Which delighted her because she could then strip the umbrella part off and use the stem as her walking stick!

cpyright BIll Bennett

We had previously filmed at the Library last year, and luckily the monk in charge remembered me, so he opened up the Archive stack which contains all the scriptures and religious and philosophical writings – some of which date back more than two thousand years.

He kindly opened up a manuscript that was 1700 years old. These scriptures were sneaked out of Tibet after the Chinese invasion in 1959. The Chinese were determined to destroy all things religious – and tragically they destroyed Buddhist monuments and temples that had stood for many centuries.

cpyright BIll Bennett cpyright BIll Bennett

Upstairs from the stacks there’s the museum, which houses items of cultural significance that were smuggled out by monks during the invasion, and carried across the Himalayas in secret to Dharamsala.

In the afternoon we went to a Buddhist Temple out of Dharamsala – the magnificent Gyuto Karmapa Temple.

cpyright BIll BennettJanet found it to be a place for contemplation –

cpyright BIll BennettSo too Marie & Jennifer –

cpyright BIll BennettLater we went to another temple, which is also a showcase for Tibetan Arts & Crafts – the Norbulinka Temple complex..

cpyright BIll BennettTomorrow we have a “free” day – a day just to wander around Dharamsala, do some shopping. go back to the Dalai Lama Temple, and just allow time to absorb all that we’ve experienced so far.

The tour tomorrow will be half way through, and already it’s been quite amazing, and very affecting for some of our guests. But there’s more to come!!

cpyright BIll Bennett

6 thoughts on “Mother Ganga tour – d6 / beyond Dharamsala ~

  1. Bill,
    Dharamasala sure looks like a place I would love to visit. The peacefulness of the temple looks wonderful, I believe I could get lost in meditation there.
    Darn half way complete, I don’t want it to end. I await anxiously for the next blog and the wonders it will show me. Thanks much for bringing it to us.

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    • Arlene, I read your post out to everyone this morning – they were all very touched, and send their love! Jennifer and I are thinking of mounting the same tour next year. It truly is packed with extraordinary places, offering magical,experiences. Hope all is going well with you, and look forward to catching up by phone soon! Big hug mate, bill


  2. I’ve been enjoying your posts and the photos are as usual wonderful.

    What a journey already. Love Marie’s attitude. ..too bad we were not able to connect during my time in northern Spain.

    Sitting at the beach in Valencia, has been giving me much time to contemplate the past 11 weeks and l have come to realize l dodged and caught a few curveballs.

    Ready to go home for sure…3 months is a long time to be away.

    Light and Love. Ingrid

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    • Ingrid – thanks for following our journey. I’ve been following yours too! I keep saying this, but one day we’ll actually met each other. Won’t that be odd! Safe travels home… bill


    • Ingrid – I’ve tried replying to this so many times, but internet is up and down and not sure if I’m repeating myself to you – but just to say that you’re following us as you have has been so wonderful and generous of you – thank you. And I hope you can join us on one of these crazy tours one day soon. Safe travels back home – Bill


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