Mother Ganga tour – day 4 / Amritsar am

Got in late last night – didn’t hit the sack till 1:30am (writing up blog, reading, working…)

Woke up at 6:30am and went straight down to the Golden Temple.

Had to see it in early light…

Today we go to the temple again with everyone, then there’s some shopping for uniquely Punjabi cloths, shawls, and shoes! – and then this arvo we go to the Wagah Border ceremony. on the India / Pakistan border. It’s insane!!

More later, but here’s one of the shots I took this morning…

cpyright BIll Bennett

6 thoughts on “Mother Ganga tour – day 4 / Amritsar am

    • Ingrid, thank you! I pass on your comments to all in the group and everyone is so appreciative. You are such a gorgeous lady!

      Are you going to that great art gallery to see the incredible Guernica? It’s one of the most powerful paintings I’ve ever had the fortune to see…


    • Thanks George. Yes the light is beautiful here, but only for a short time in the morning. Just hurry minutes, that’s all, then it gets very harsh. If you haven’t already, check out my book – PHOTO CAMINO.


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