India – d10 / delhi /

The first of our wonderful Mother Ganga tour guests come in tonight –

Britta & Janet.

They’re flying in from Australia, via a 24hr stopover in Kuala Lumpur.

And then at about 3am overnight Jill Langham flies in from Texas.

Jennifer, who usually doesn’t give much attention to her looks, as most of you who follow this blog would know, has decided that this occasion deserves some beautifying.

Here’s the result…

cpyright BIll Bennett

7 thoughts on “India – d10 / delhi /

  1. Wish I was arriving with Jill. Put her on the plane yesterday. Who would have imagined that I would still be crippled from a prostatectomy on July 1st. Bone biopsy on Monday. I know all of you will have a great time.


    • Wish you were with us too Steve. And it’s nuts that two and a half months after a straight forward operation, you are still incapacitated, and in pain. I really hope the biopsy on Monday reveals what the cause of it is. Not knowing must be gnawing at you. Wonderful though that you’re keeping your spirits up. Bill


  2. Nothing like a mud mask Bill!! Did you try one too?

    And gosh Steve there just seems to be one medical investigation after another for you. We pray that there is a positive ending coming very soon:)


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