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Dharamsala is a Buddhist enclave in the largely Hindu country of India.

Yesterday Jennifer and I walked down from the Dalai Lama Temple to the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives.

cpyright BIll Bennett

We were there last year filming for PGS – this time we went up to the museum, which was set up by the Dalai Lama to preserve Tibetan culture, after the Chinese invasion. Tragically, they destroyed so many important cultural and religious sites.

I feel very at peace here in Dharamsala. There is a very relaxed unhurried energy here. And a healing rejuvenating energy. The Tibetans are very laid back and friendly – a product of their Buddhist beliefs.

cpyright BIll Bennett

The food here is also uniquely Tibetan; momos, which are Tibetan dumplings, are yummy! But they have a “butter tea” which is putrid. I tried some yesterday, and could only take a couple of sips. Truly disgusting…

But everywhere you see Buddhist monks walking around – and sometimes they pose for photos!

cpyright BIll BennettLast night we had dinner at our favourite restaurant in McLeod Ganj, and two Aussies sat down beside us – Dick and Ken.

They are on a bike trip from Delhi across the Himalayas. They are both from Nelson Bay, north of Newcastle, and are seasoned travelers. They are visiting Kashmir and Ladakh on their three week journey.

These are two blokes getting on in age who are doing their own version of raging against the dying light, like a lot of Camino folk. We wish them safe travels ~

cpyright BIll Bennett

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