India and beyond ~

Three weeks tomorrow Jennifer and I leave for India for 6 wks, for the Mother Ganga spiritual tour. We will have barely unpacked our suitcases from the US.

We have two weeks prior to the tour traveling across the country, doing last minute checks with hotels and transport etc to make sure that everything goes tickety-boo.Then there’s the two weeks for the tour. Then a week in Bhutan, and then a week’s further filming.

India is a vast, complex, and ancient country. It’s random and chaotic and colourful and loud. It’s truly incredible. Even with the best planning imaginable, it’s likely that we’ll be faced with the unexpected. That things will go wrong. That things will be changed on us at the last moment.

That’s India. And that will be a part of this tour – to learn how to travel with patience, equanimity, and grace. And good humour.

Jennifer and I are excited at the prospect of returning to the country that we’ve grown to love. Especially with the bunch of people who are accompanying us on this tour – good friends, some of whom we haven’t seen in a long time.

We’re particularly excited though at exploring with them the spiritual side of India – from the Hindu Aarti ceremony on the Ganges at Rishikesh, to the Tibetan Buddhist culture in Dharmsala, to the unique way of the Sikhs at the Golden Temple in Amritsar Punjab, to the amazing Ganpati immersion ceremony in Bombay.

These will be unforgettable memories.

For some, I’m sure at times India will be confronting. But that’s part of this tour as well – to be taken out of your comfort zone and shown things you wouldn’t see anywhere else.

This ain’t going to be Baja on a banana chair.

It’s going to be way better than that!



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    • I am ready and for Bhoutan too.And I will go as being on the Camino,expecting changes, and adventures.and living the moment.Serendipity.See you soon.bises.


    • HI Steve I am so sorry for you.I hope doctors find why you are in pain.There is no hope to see things getting better in 3 weeks ?.bises.

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      • Hello Marie..wish you and all a wonderful journey.

        Tomorrow I arrive in Miraz on the C. Del Norte to start my 2 weeks as hospitalera there.

        So far I have had an interesting 6 weeks full of twists and turns.

        That is Camino.

        Light and Love. ..Ingrid


  1. Excitement beyond words, for the places and just as much the people I’ll be sharing with 🙂 First, though, I’m off to DC for a couple of weeks and have just been ‘warned’ that part of the ‘program’ will be a multi-generational day paddling the upper reaches of the Potomac … I LOVE my life!!

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