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Last night we had dinner with Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler, and today I interviewed her.

Dr. Ammon-Wexler lives in a beautiful little town called Ashland, in Oregon. Her field of expertise is the brain, and particularly how the brain functions in heightened states of awareness.

She calls herself Dr. Jill – and she’s the most delightful woman.

She spent years studying Tibetan Buddhism, and she really does look like a smiling Buddha. There is a serenity and knowing-ness/knowing-nothingness about her that is quite palpable.

Jil Ammon Wexler (3 of 4)

I like to have a meal a day or two before with a person I will interview. It allows us both to get a sense about each other – it makes for a more intimate relaxed interview later – and a more informed one too, because I’m able to ascertain early on what areas I should cover.

No matter how much research you do from afar, there’s nothing better than sitting down with someone beforehand and chewing the fat in informal circumstances.

At dinner last night Dr. Jill told us about some quite startling new research about the pineal gland that really ties in with the concept of a guidance system.

Dr. Jill has written a book on the Third Eye / Pineal Gland connection, and it’s effect on intuition. Here is a link to her book – It’s fascinating reading….


Today during the interview she talked not only about the Pineal Gland as being an underused muscle when it comes to achieving intuitive insights, but she also talked about the “Gut Brain.” She said the gut has more neurones than the brain – and it plays a crucial role in intuition.

By the way, everyone I’ve interviewed – including Swamis and theologians and Sufis and scientists – have all agreed that calling intuition a “guidance system” is a fair call.

Dr. Jill today went further and gave me even more apt analogies to a car’s GPS, and I won’t reveal them here – I’ll let you wait for the film – but what she said made so much sense! And it tied in beautifully with what Michael Tamura said in his interview yesterday, and prior interviews with Dr. Norm Shealy and Dr. Judith Orloff and James Van Praagh.

You know you’re on the right track when there’s essential accord with those from different disciplines.

Dr. Jill today largely veered away from Higher Self connections, angels etc – instead she talked more about brain waves, and there being a special band or frequency of brain activity where she believed intuition and clairvoyance and other so called psychic abilities lay. The trick she said, is being able to dip into that bandwidth and bring what you’ve seen, what you’ve learned, up into the higher more conscious bandwidths.

It can be done, with training, but isn’t that fascinating? And doesn’t it make a lot of sense?

Our Director of Photography, Pieter de Vries, (who ain’t very spiritual, let me tell you), found this stuff really interesting. If there’s such a thing as spiritual evolution, Pieter is crawling out of the primordial ooze.

He’s like a spiritual salamander.
A New Age newt.

Mind you, I think by the end of this shoot Pieter will be donning orange robes and adopting the lotus position and chanting Om…

Jil Ammon Wexler (4 of 6)




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  1. Well, Bill, just as well you and Pieter are long-time (… suffering??) mates, or I could see him putting down his cameras and racing outta there 🙂


  2. So Bill after all that I can’t be that “bad”. Please make a note of my updated equipment checklist for our next journey:

    • Sony PXW-FS7 Ultra HD camera
    • Zeiss lenses
    • Miller tripod
    • Tibetan prayer wheel
    • Yoga mat
    • Saffron shorts and t-shirts

    Swami Piet

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  3. Bill Fascinating brain stuff, will we get enough info in the film that we might be able to apply some practice and learn to access this frequency or brain space?


    • Hey Kathey, yes this can be done and Dr. Jill teaches how.

      Tomorrow I might put some info up on the website as to how to find out where to get this


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