PGS / a mount shasta psychic intuitive

I’m making this film intuitively.

What does that mean exactly?

It means that I am following my intuition on where I go, whom I film with, whom I choose not to film with, and how the film should be put together.

I have only one rule with this film – that anyone who has anything to do with the film has to check in with their intuition to make sure it’s the right thing for them to do.

Today was a perfect example.

I did a wonderful interview with a highly regarded intuitive healer and psychic named Michael Tamura.

Michael Tamura and his beautiful wife Raphaelle live in the lee of Mount Shasta. You can see the mountain through trees from their windows.

Michael was a key figure at the Berkeley Psychic Institute for more than twenty years, and some years ago he and Raphaelle set up their own business teaching psychic and intuitive awareness. They hold seminars all around the world.

About Michael Tamura 

When I left Australia I didn’t know who Michael Tamura was. Never heard of him. But this is how I’m making this film: I told James Van Praagh that I was going to Mount Shasta, and was there anyone there he could recommend I speak to.

Immediately James said I had to speak to Michael. It turns out James wrote the foreword to Michael’s best selling book – YOU ARE THE ANSWERAnd today Michael gave me a wonderful interview for the film, touching on areas that no-one else has broached.

I made the decision very early on that I only wanted to interview true experts – working practitioners and researchers and authors. I didn’t want interpreters of knowledge, I wanted those with the knowledge, using it first hand.

Michael is one such person, so to is James Van Praagh, as is Dr. Judith Orloff and Dr. Dean Radin, as is Dr. Norm Shealy and Caroline Myss.

I’m getting a fascinating blend of views and perspectives from those throughout the world who really really know about intuition. These aren’t show ponies – these people are the real deal. I’m very excited by what I’m learning – and I’m learning more every day.

Michael Tamura-1

Michael & Raphaella Tamura

2 thoughts on “PGS / a mount shasta psychic intuitive

  1. How wonderful it was to meet you, Jennifer and Pieter! I, for one, am certainly glad that you’ve followed your intuition to find us. Naturally, it was much more of a reunion than a meeting. We enjoyed every part of our time together with you. I know you are well on your way to weaving a beautiful cinematographic tapestry of intuition as the path, process and practice to our ultimate destination. Three cheers for you and your team! May the eternal light continue to showering its blessings upon you and reveal the truth every step of you way. Peace be with you always. With gratitude, love and laughter, Michael


    • Dear Michael, thank you for these wonderfully generous words! For us, it was something very special meeting you and Raphaelle, and I can only thank my intuitive guidance that I was led to you both. But more to come!! Bill


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