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I’m currently researching my next interview, with celebrated psychic James Van Praagh.

When I do my research, I’m intuitively guided.

Often there’s a mass of material, and I can’t hope to read everything. Some of these people I’m interviewing have written over a dozen books, or more. And so I have to make a choice as to how I best use my time – and I allow my intuition to guide me.

That happened with choosing what to read regarding James Van Praagh.

I’m interviewing him tomorrow. He’s a psychic that specialises in communicating with the “dead,” and I use the ” ” because the one thing I’ve learnt through the making of this film is that we don’t really die.

We just leave this particular plane.

James Van Praagh has written many books about communicating with those that have crossed over – and as fascinating as it is, it really has very little to do with the film I’m making.

I’m making a film on intuition.

So I looked through his Amazon page, and I looked at all his books, and I chose one that my intuition guided me towards. It was called HEAVEN & EARTH: MAKING THE PSYCHIC CONNECTION. 

I opened up the first page, and the whole book is about intuition.

And it’s fabulous. He puts it all in very simple clear-cut terms. And interestingly, he is in complete accord with Dr. Norm Shealy about how you can become more intuitive.

Both say that you have to clean up your act.

You have to get rid of ego, anger, resentment, anguish, jealousy, hatred – in other words all those emotional impediments to a clear connection to spirit.

James Van Praagh also talks about paying attention – paying attention to the little things in life that happen around you. He says:

“The more you become aware of your surroundings, the more you train your mind in seeing, hearing, feeling, touching, and tasting, the more you pay attention to your thoughts and actions, and so the more you will build awareness.” 

Awareness is the first stage towards becoming intuitive.

He goes on to say:

Clear understanding and communication can only be attained when you release the negative mental and emotional baggage stored in your physical and psychic space.” 

I’ve spoken to James Van Praagh on the phone. He is forthright, direct, funny, and down to earth. He promises to be a terrific interviewee –

Here is his book:

heaven and earth

8 thoughts on “Los Angeles / the psychic experience ~

  1. Many of his comments that you quote here are simply sensible management of mental focus — which is anyway a positive. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    … the one thing I’ve learnt through the making of this film is that we don’t really die.

    We just leave this particular plane.

    Dunno about the “plane” stuff — but the truth of eternal life is one of the first things that led to my conversion to Catholicism.

    As for intuition, well, I really don’t see cognition and intuition as being opposites — the typical situation is that the one will be stronger than the other in any individual ; that’s what intuitive psychologists tend to say anyway.

    Those with strong intuition would do as well to develop it as those with strong cognition would do well to develop their rationality.

    I’ve an unusual, though certainly not unique, perspective on these matters, as I’d view my cognition and intuition in a sort of “heavy balance” — they’re both strong, but neither is much stronger than the other.

    Awareness is the first stage towards becoming intuitive.

    Quoted for truth.

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    • Sorry for the delay in responding Julian – I’ve been so busy these last several days – but just to say that the theologians I spoke to at the Vatican University were very comfortable with the notion of intuition, as long as it was referenced in terms such as “the voice of God,” or the Holy Spirit.


      • Interesting — though I think there are definitely two sides to this.

        To frame it in theological terms, if we were to understand intuition as being exclusively spiritual in nature, then I’d say it can certainly be listening to the Spirit, though it can also be listening to one’s own God-given soul.

        We cannot ignore though that it’s possible to understand intuition from a purely materialistic point of view, where intuition would be simply a higher function of the mind in conjunction with the senses.

        Personally, I’d agree with all three 🙂


        • It depends on what you define as intuition Julian. My definition, the one that I’m working to, is this: Intuition is a sudden unexplained insight not informed by experience, learning, or subsumed memory recall.


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