Los Angeles / traveling is fun ~

The interview with Dr. Norm Shealy was fabulous.

It will be a highlight of the film.

Here is a man who was a Harvard educated neurosurgeon, held the Chair of Neurosurgery  at some of America’s most prestigious medical colleges, regarded as one of the top research scientists in his field of pain and stress management – and he’s become a self avowed mystic.

I spoke at length to Caroline Myss this morning on the phone and she described Norm Shealy as a wizard. They have worked closely together for the past thirty two years.

And Norm struck me as being like a wizard – charismatic, impish, radiating an energy that would light a dark room, and supremely intelligent.

His interview lasted 90 minutes.
We covered a lot of ground.

From the biochemical activity of the pineal gland and its function in intuition, to how the Third Eye works, to angels and demons, to the quantum nature of intuition – all his responses given with a charm and erudition which was eminently watchable.

After we left his grounds (he has a teaching institution on farmland outside of Springfield), we then headed to the airport to fly to Los Angeles. The flight would take us via Dallas.

We should have known that things would come unstuck when, on checking in, Jennifer couldn’t find her carry-on case with her and my computer in it.

We tore around the airport trying to find it – then realised that it had been left in the rental car. Luckily Hertz hadn’t garaged the car, so we were able to retrieve it.

But that presaged a series of events which led to one of the most disruptive days of travel any of us have had in recent memory.

But we got to LA. Eventually,

Jennifer and I didn’t get to our hotel room until 3:45am this morning Springfield time.
Pieter and Priyanka had to stay overnight in a hotel in Dallas and came in later.

The highlight of today though was my talk with Caroline Myss. What a truly delightful lady. She will make a very important contribution to the film.

Back to Norm: He does 90 minutes of exercise each day, he doesn’t eat wheat or pasta, no sugar, no salt – he doesn’t use a smartphone – he calls them “dumb” phones because they sap your attention – he showers of an afternoon, not of a morning, and doesn’t watch tv.

It was a privilege to have spent time with him.

On Friday we interview James Van Praagh – a mystic who has become a major television star. Author of many books, including some co-written by Doreen Virtue, he promises to bring some fascinating insights to the film.

Tomorrow I have meetings with some potential distributors here in the US – plus we’re meeting the folks at Infinitum Nihil – Johnny Depp’s company. They’ve been big supporters of PGS for some time now.

The film has taken on its own heartbeat.

Dr. Norm Shealy

Dr. Norm Shealy

22 thoughts on “Los Angeles / traveling is fun ~

  1. So do you think the vibes around Dallas was trying to tell you that you should stick around for a while, instead of bypassing it and going to LA? 🙂 Just asking!!

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  2. Johnny Depp must not know you are Australian! Twas Australia that made him take his dogs back to the US when he was filming there, right mate (Lynda practicing Australian for when we meet soon)!

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  3. What a fantastically young looking man is Dr Norm Shealy Bill! He shows to have a beautiful soul.
    And remember Murphy’s Law Bill, everything does not go according to plan all the time! x


  4. Bill, just finished The Way, My Way. Wow! I and likely several other friends are planning to do Camino Light in the spring of 2017. I must admit that after reading the book, I am now almost obsessed with walking whatever part of the Camino time allows us to walk. I view that as a positive. Thanks for sharing your experiences! I look forward to following your future adventures on this blog.



    • Welcome George!
      The book was wonderful wasn’t it? I can tell you from experience that even after you walk the Camino you will be obsessed with it. Many of the participants here on Bill’s blog walked it and have been talking about the Camino for the past two years. We all have the Camino virus. You will want to walk again and again.
      Buen Camino


      • Thanks Lynda! I tend to be a little OC with travel plans anyway. That was the case before the book and now even more so. I need to refocus on the 2016 Danube river cruise we have planned for next spring in the meantime!


        • Ahh, not nice the dangling the beautiful Blue Danube over us. Aw, I guess it’s okay as several of us are going to India in September with Bill and Jen. Hey, if you haven’t got 2015’s vacation firmed up India with Bill and Jen should be spiritual, adventurous, and exciting! I’m sure there is still space available.


          • Add two years for my husband and me. And we too are still working so we can do vacations. You must be from the US as it seems the rest of the world retires earlier than we do and they have more vacations than us. We are from just outside Seattle.


          • Yep, we are in Plano, a Dallas suburb. I agree, we work ourselves to death. I would love to retire, but sitting at home and not travelling would not be a good trade-off for me, at least at this point in time.

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    • George, thank you for these very sweet words. Can I ask: would you mind doing a review on Amazon? You could just say what you’ve said here… although if you do wish to be more gushing I won’t mind!! 🙂

      thank you – words like yours make it all worthwhile…


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