Springfield Missouri / leaving the Cosmic Rays ~

Yesterday we left the Most Beneficial Galatic Cosmic Rays of Dallas.

I had picked up a beast of a truck from the airport, when I’d picked up Pieter CE (Cameraman Extraordinaire), and yesterday we drove away from Dallas in this big BBQ-eater’s, Republican voting, Paid Up NRA member, Budweiser guzzling, Fox News watcher’s, morbidly obese, truck.

It’s a Chevvy Tahoe. You wind it up and point it in the right direction and it gets you there, at 10mls per gallon.

I like the word “Chevvy.”

It reminds me of the classic American road movies, like Two Lane Black Top, and Vanishing Point, and Sugarland Express.

We drove some 450mls yesterday north into Oklahoma for a bit, then into Missouri.

Piet and I in the front talked about the film’s visual style, and lenses and focal lengths and really really interesting stuff… Jennifer and Priyanka in the back talked about Higher Self connectedness and Past Life Regression therapy and Aliens under the bed and really really Weird & Whacky stuff.

We got into Springfield early evening. We’re literally on Route 66, We got our kicks later at a beautiful Italian restaurant.

It’s early morning here now – I can’t sleep – because in a few hours we meet Dr. Norm Shealy – formerly one of the world’s top research scientists studying the brain, now a self avowed mystic.

It should be a fascinating interview!

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