Nixing social media

I have decided to take myself off all social media.

I will of course continue to blog, but these blogs won’t be seen anymore on Facebook or Twitter.

Social media wastes a lot of time, for little benefit.

And I find that it’s inherently narcissistic.

For me it’s an unnecessary distraction, and I’ve come back with a lot to do –

So bye bye Facebook and Twitter.

Already I feel liberated…


33 thoughts on “Nixing social media

  1. Bill,
    I have never done Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. Facebook seems to be a bunch of gossip and a waste of time. If I wanr to see pics of my grandkids my daughters will email me. I do follow a couple of blogs on Caminos. I have been thinking the last few days that I maybe comment to often on your blog and maybe I should refrain but here I am again. The PGS family seems like a close family and the conversing here brightens my boring days quite often. I am going to try to somewhat refrain. I may figure out the Pinterest thing but I don’t think I have the time.
    We all understand that you have much to do and it is a treat for us to be part of it. We do understand if you need to slow blogging down.
    Many many hugs

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  2. Bill – you are the biggest stirrer! WHY, OH WHY did you choose THAT photo?!!! Hilarious though!


    • Exactly my thoughts too. A dwarf again – what were you thinking???!!! 🙂 Get the whole non social media idea. I only joined FB ‘caus my nephews insisted and I’ve kept friends to just family and even them only some of them!!!


      • Britta,
        Okay, I have to ask. I have been reading this blog for two years and one month! While we walked the camino I did not read it but thought I had caught up when I got home. A reference has been made several times about a dwarf. Somewhere I missed the dwarf reference! What’s up with the dwarf?

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        • Jenny and Britta – me? A stirrer? Not possible, You could legitimately cause me a stirrer if I went around setting dwarfs on fire… but you know I would never countenance that…

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        • OOOPS, Lynda, sorry you didn’t read the blog at the time of ‘the dwarf debacle’, because although Bill got himself into a lot of strife, it was hysterically funny and said a lot about him and his very irreverent sense of humour. That first dwarf ‘episode’ was fuelled by a large portion of Sangria at a perigrino meeting in Sydney; both Jennifer and I (and I didn’t really know Bill or Jennifer very well at that time) tried talking him out of posting that particular blog, but to no avail. Hence the: NO MORE DWARF STORIES!! 🙂

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          • Lynda, I love Britta dearly, however she’s a bit loose with her facts on this.

            #1. I don’t regard three jugs of Sangria as a “large portion.” A large portion would be three slabs.

            #2. It wasn’t a “dwarf debacle,” it was a “dwarf debate.” With respect to Britta I think it’s indelicate to refer to a dwarf and a debacle in the same sentence.

            #3. I didn’t get into strife. I created a public forum to discuss society’s attitude to little people, or midgets,as they’re sometimes affectionately known.

            #4. I would now like to state publicly that I had no intention of posting that piece, until Britta, Jenny and Janet at that rocket-fuel drenched Camino dinner encouraged me, urged me, and dared me to put up that post, which I personally found unfunny, shameful, and ultimately disrespectful to the aforementioned midgets. In fact, in my later Sangriated state, I do believe that those three wicked women sent me the post, which they had mirthfully written, and told me to publish it. Check the word useage. It wasn’t my usual writing, was it. And I can assure you it had nothing to do with my state of being, or unbeing, at the time.

            #5. The image of a dwarf running around with his pants on fire is not funny, and anyone who thinks it is should walk another Camino.

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  3. Well, Bill take your deserved rest, until you need to plug the film. Not sure if I will be blogging during my Camino … still on the fence. I’ve been following a few blogs of pilgrims from our chapter in Toronto, and they seem to have trouble uploading pictures…. so have reverted back to facebook postings. In case I do blog, I’ll send you my link, should you be interested.

    In 5 weeks it is my turn to head out to Portugal… walking from Porto for a while. Then Zamora for 2 weeks. August more walking, maybe back to CP to finish, or just walk out of Zamora on the C Sanabres until I need some transport to the Norte to end up in Miraz on August 12. After 2 weeks there, on to Santiago-Fisterra-Muxia-Ferrol-Santiago. Home September 28 from Madrid.

    So, for now, still trying to figure out how much tech gear I want to take …. the rest is packed and ready to go. Oh and yes because the Camino is already consuming most of my waking and sleeping hours… about a months ago, I started some renovations on some rooms to keep my mind “off’ Camino… it ain’t working, but I got a guest room now.

    Enjoy your social media vacation. Light and Love as always. Ingrid

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    • Ingrid,
      Please blog . If you have trouble or no Wifi, just a little when you can would be great Love following our “family” around the world. Arlene should be starting the Portuguese on Monday! Three months on Caminos sounds like you are going to have a Hooly Dooly time!

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    • Dear Ingrid, have some wonderful Caminos. Looks like an amazing plan of routes 🙂


    • Hi Ingrid I would love to meet you on the Camino and even walk 2 0 3 days with you.And if you go to Irun start of the Norte I could be your email is me know.See you and buen Camino

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      • Marie, I will email you soon. It would be lovely to meet with you. My plans do not include the Norte as a long distance walk. I will begin my walk on the Norte (if at all) In Oviedo to make it in time for my hospitalera duties mid August. Even that is not written in stone. I have 11 days after Zamora before having to arrive in Miraz. So depending how I feel called to do, I will either walk out of Zamora to Astorga or continue on the C Sanabres onroute to Santiago, or go back to the CP where I had to stop and continue onwards. However, I will know more when I am in Zamora.

        Jusque-là, les bénédictions de lumière et d’amour. Ingrid

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  4. Like I said NO MORE DWARF STORIES, or for that matter references … You can try to write your way out of that debacle, but no cigar, sir!!! 🙂

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    • Britta – I think Bill should be allowed to share all the facts of THAT WHOLE SORRY story on the India tour, with his hand on his heart, without a word of a lie, at an appropriate time, late at night, after too many glasses of the Indian equivalent of white port (could it be Bombay gin and tonics?!) !!!

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