Home – No internet ~

Seems that while we were away, and particularly over the past few days, Mudgee had very heavy rains.

And they’ve taken out the phone lines in our area.

I was able to post the previous post using my iPhone as a hotspot, but I can’t upload large images – and so my plan of posting more pics of the Assisi tour will have to wait until the lines are restored.

Good for the famers, all this rain. Driving in the country looked very green and lush. Shame about the phone lines. They probably look green and lush too.

Guess I’ll just have to sit back now and watch the Swannies play Hawthorne, home of the Landers Express!

Crikey it’s good to be home…


Go the Swannies!

2 thoughts on “Home – No internet ~

  1. Great news about the Swannies’ win! How great to come home, settle back in and see your favourite team win!


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