Assisi d10 / Deeper into the mountains

It’s coming on midnight and so I will make this brief. 

Also, I am in the mountains north of Assisi now, and Internet is sketchy. So I can’t post any of the photos I took today. I will have to do that later. 

Today was another hard slog. We climbed a total of 900m, and descended a total of 650m. Perhaps the biggest toughest climb was right at the end of the day, to reach our hotel.

We are now at Tenuta Di Bascina – only about 30kms from Assisi. 

Magnificent country. 

We are having enormous fun – Ken and I had Patty going about Drop Bears this evening. You know, the vampire koalas that drop from gumtrees and attack you with their fangs. 

I showed her a bunch of scary images of fanged koalas from Google Images. 

Patty cracked up. 

Highlights were stopping in the original 12th century chapel on the outskirts of Gubbio where St,Francis is said to have placated a rogue man eating wolf. The chapel was magnificent. 

Another highlight was having fresh home made pasta from an Agriturismo for lunch. Oh yes and Grappa in our coffee. 

And the Ladies of Leisure making it up a mountainside that nearly killed the rest of us. The girls walked a long way today, through some very tough mountain country. They’re a strong bunch, and getting stronger each day, with their Proseccos and now their firewater infused coffees. 

I’ll have to post photos tomorrow – but in the meantime, here is a shot I took while walking to dinner tonight. We’re staying in a very remote Albergo, with a family run kitchen in an adjoining farmhouse. 

Just beautiful… 

5 thoughts on “Assisi d10 / Deeper into the mountains

  1. OMG are we ever missing a good time!! Sounds like the trip is fabulous (except for the hiking way up the mts and way down-Ha!)
    It’s early afternoon here but we intend to toast you tonight with white port. Just practicing for a toast when you finally arrive at Assisi !
    Absolutely love the photos. It’s true – a picture is worth a thousand words!


  2. Bill you need some Burning Water from Marta to get over the chest infection.

    Your photos are magnificent – as expected. Can you do a photo night and invite us all over?

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  3. Bill and Jennifer, you are having way too much fun and bet your bodies are getting fitter! We are adding to your legacy here in the Blue Mountains organising a Pilgrim’s Meal and Camino evening at a local Guest House at the end of May to recreate a bit of the magic you are obviously experiencing first hand. Would you mind me using the tag “The Way – Our Way?” Sure you put it into my mind and it fits well for articles. Stay healthy and drink up the experience. Love the blogs and photos. Tony and Ce


    • Hey Tony – yes it has been fun, but the walk has been strenuous at times! Jen and I are going to try and make it to your do in Blackheath. We’re back in Mudgee around the 23rd I think. Can you hold two places for us and I’ll let you know? It would be great to see you and Ce again, and support your efforts. Bill


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