One of the things that terrifies us the most is uncertainty.

It keeps us in jobs we hate, in relationships that are unfulfilling, in a day to day routine that is mindless and stifling.

We hate it, and yet we feel comfortable with predictability. Knowing what will happen with a degree of certainty. Even though we feel uncreative and shackled.

But when you think about it, nothing is certain.
Nothing is predictable.
Our whole world can change on a dime.
In a moment.

Why are we so scared of uncertainty?

Because implicit in uncertainty is the possibility of change. And whilst a lot of us want change, when it really comes down to it, we only want change within certain parameters.

Known parameters.

We want to change our lifestyle, but only if it doesn’t eat into our savings.
We want to leave a loveless relationship, but only if we can find a better one.
We want to do something that will better the world, but only if there’s not too great a personal cost.
We want to change our lives, but only if it’s not too disruptive.

Jennifer and I live intuitively.

We always have.

We met intuitively, we married intuitively, we make all our decisions – big and small – intuitively. If it feels right, we do it. And we don’t even think about it.

Because with thinking comes the wrecking ball of intuition – logic and common sense.
And then comes timidity.
And after that, fear.
Finally, stasis.
We stay the same. We don’t change anything.

My wife and I don’t do logic and common sense.
Each day we take a running leap at life – we hurl ourselves off the edge of a cliff and we freefall, knowing that we’ll land safely.

And we do.

We embrace uncertainty.
We relish it.
It’s what gets us out of bed each day.

Because within the realm of uncertainty lives a myriad of possibilities.

And that’s where the best stories are told, within that realm.
Nothing great comes from certainty.

On Saturday we’ll be in Dubai. The next day we’ll be in Italy, on the Via di Francesco – the Way of St. Francis. Two weeks later we’ll be in Istanbul, a week later in Konya in Central Turkey, hanging out with the Whirling Dervishes and the Sufis – all for the film I’m making on intuition.

I love living intuitively.

Croc with ducks





19 thoughts on “Uncertainty

  1. Bill err Mad Swannie’s Supporter and His Gorgeous Wife,
    Did you move the trip up? The site for Gone Tours says you are starting a week from next Monday (27th) but it sounds like you are going to start on the 20th! Really looking forward to all the posts and pictures from the Pilgrimage! Speaking of pictures, I don’t like the one above. That’s mean!
    We are really looking forward to the food pics, the drink pics, the people pics, the sight pics and the Way pics of the Via Di Francesco!
    So glad you haven’t taken the “safe” route through life. Your travels and adventures inspire the rest of us!


    • Hey Lynda, we’re going a week beforehand to just double check everything. That’s what we do with our tours. We’ve already done one full scout, but this coming week we’ll drive back over the route, speak to the hoteliers, check out some restaurants and make doubly sure that everything runs smoothly. Looking forward to taking some pics – yes! Will make sure I get plenty of food shots!

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  2. Love your philosophy and take on life. Not sure the ducks would agree with your choice of photo!!! Safe travels. When in Denmark, I should have a fairly good access to the Net, so looking forward to hearing about the Way of Assisi 🙂

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    • That photo was taken at the Mudgee show. It was some kind of game in Sideshow Alley. Yes you will be heading off to Denmark soon – when do you go?


  3. Thanks Bill that reminds me that the best decisions of my life were taken by intuition against reason.hum it had been too long since my last jump into the wild.IT is time !! I get bored and life is too short.buses.


    • Oh Donna – that’s very sweet of you to say, but we’re not doing anything out of the ordinary. There are many more people out there that are TRULY inspiring – but the really inspiring ones you never get to hear about that. That’s one of the things that makes them truly inspiring…


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