Pass the panty-hose please ~

Conversation in the Bennett household this morning:

My wife: I can’t find my panty-hose.
Me: Would you like to borrow mine? 

Yesterday, in preparation for the Assisi walk, I went out and bought some panty-hose, which I use under my leg brace to stop rubbing on my thigh.

I like the Extra Tall, sheer support style, used by airline hostesses, whom I’m told spend a lot of time on their feet.This type of panty-hose works well for me.

And I like black, because it’s kind of sexy…

Jennifer eventually found her own pair of panty-hose, which was a sheer relief for me, because I don’t like sharing something so intimate and personal…

I have issues, I know…


9 thoughts on “Pass the panty-hose please ~

  1. OMG! How DOES Jennifer put up with you! Black panty hose cause they’re sexy!!!! I think I don’t want to picture that!
    When you walk the Camino and have your “black sexy panty hose” on, do you ever wear shorts (like zipping off the bottom of your convertible pants)? Or are they always covered by long pants/slacks? Just wondering how far apart we are going to have to be from you in India! Hooly Dooly!
    (Where’s Jenny? I think she was the first one on your blog to introduce the words Hooly Dooly)

    Many Hugs

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  2. I think you’re the hosty chick on the left Bill.
    I’m a Skins girl myself. They really help to stop your legs feeling shattered after exercise. They actually work!
    You can get shiny black ones Bill 🙂


    • You learn something everyday! I had not heard the term “skins” and thought you meant you went barelegged instead of wearing pantyhose or nylons. I looked up “skins” versus pantyhose and to my surprise it said skins are what I know as “tights”. Going to wear a pair of compression type tights on next long flight to prevent the leg swelling I had last time.

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