Uluru – day 3 ~

My day started early this morning – 5:30am.

I woke up, and realised that Jennifer would probably sleep till 11am if she was undisturbed. And 10:30am if she was disturbed.

Not wanting to kick my heels in a darkened hotel room for some 5 hours or more, I decided to head out to catch sunrise over the Olgas.

I got to the Park Ranger Station leading into the Uluru National Park, and there were two cops there doing a random breath testing.

And it was just on 6am, and still dark!

Looking around, hoping there was a film crew shooting it all for RBT (a reality tv show in Australia that I’m addicted to) – and disappointed to see there wasn’t, I submitted to the breath testing somewhat churlishly.

I had cleaned my teeth fifteen minutes earlier, and wondered if there was any alcohol in Colgates Whiter than White. Fortunately there wasn’t, and they let me through.

Anyone who has read my book, PHOTO CAMINO knows that good shootable light at sunrise is fleeting, compared to good shootable light at sunset, which tends to last longer.

I didn’t want to go to Uluru again, so I headed to The Olgas, a line of bulbous stone rocks about 40kms from Uluru.

I had to move fast though, because the sun was already rising, and there was a layer of high cloud over most of the sky.

Part way I stopped and got a distant shot of Uluru –

Uluru at sunrise

And then kept driving towards The Olgas.

I climbed a ridge some distance away, but by this time the light was pretty boring – the sun had risen into a band of high cloud, but I still took some shots.


I raced back to wake up Jennifer – who would have slept till 11am if undisturbed – and at 9am we attended the second day of the Kryon Consciousness Retreat.

There were people lined up out the door to get a seat.

Line into conference

This guy is hugely popular. There are people attending this retreat that have come from 23 different countries. Some follow Lee Carroll around the world attending his events, like groupies following a rock star.

I can see why.

We walked in, and immediately stepped into a meditation that was accompanied by two didgeridoo players. The two players, working in harmony and at times out of harmonic, created a sound that took the top of your head off.

Mesmerising, and profoundly a product of their land, and their unique and ageless culture.

Sorry I have no photos to accompany this, but photos were not allowed.

After the session I did the interview with Lee.

He was incredible. Articulate, smart, and on the button with intuition. He will be an important part of the film. A great interview.

I then did another interview with a wonderful Chinese doctor – Grace Moy O’Brien – (yes it doesn’t appear to be a Chinese name, but she was born in Penang, in Malaysia.) She talked eloquently about the chakra  system, and energies within the body that Western medicine is yet to formally acknowledge, yet Chinese medicine has worked with for centuries.

This evening we were invited to have our energetic imprints scanned by a new machine only recently brought into this country. I will write a separate post about it later, because it’s amazing, and what Doug Strandly and Grace are doing will revolutionise conventional medical thought.

machine ws

They scanned both Jennifer and myself, and as I say I will write more in depth on this in a separate post, but I just wanted to report that the machine, amongst other things, measures chakras. It measures the energetic level of each chakra – the “size” of the chakra – and the alignment.

Jennifer's chakras

Jennifer’s chakras were strong and healthy, and got very many murmurs of admiration from Doug and Grace – particularly as they were mostly all in perfect alignment.

Then they did my scan, and showed me my chakras.

Mine were friggin’ HUGE!

my chakras

Now, I know this is not a competition, right? And I am a mature dignified bloke with grey hair (or white as Jennifer cruelly described it this morning, after she had woken) however my chakras were bigger than hers!

Let me repeat that in caps:


my chkras bigger

Yes, mine were out of alignment a bit. In fact one was almost off the chart, but I’m not fussed about a straying chakra. A couple of shoulder stands will fix that.

Those who had previously murmured in appreciation at Jennifer’s chakras were now gasping in wonderment at mine!

Seriously, this machine is something else. I lost a filling in my upper left tooth. No-one knew about it, not even Jennifer.

It showed up on this scan.

Early night tonight because we want to walk the Base Track around Uluru at sunrise tomorrow morning.

If I can wake Jennifer up, that is…

tree at sunset

4 thoughts on “Uluru – day 3 ~

  1. Seriously LOL post! Thanks Bill 🙂 Some other time when your chakras are more in line could you give us a more on Katja Tuja, please. That too has an incredibly eerie atmosphere and not to be missed either!


  2. lol Bill, typical male interpretation.. size always matters to a male…. 😉 Just as well that Jennifer is so balanced… you are all over the place, you need a butterfly net to catch em.

    I have had an aura scan done (digitally) and it also interprets the chakra alignments but nothing like this one. Interesting.

    Since I am in Reiki, I will stop teasing you and just for today, I will show respect to my pilgrim elder. Much Light and Love to you both, Ingrid

    p.s. so enjoy your postings ❤

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    • haha – by now you are onto my sense of humour Ingrid! Yes the machine is quite something. They regard it as the future of medicine. It was so damn accurate, it was scary revealing. Not much you can hide from these scans… 🙂 thanks also for those kind words re the posts. When I have pictures that are half decent it makes the posts easier… 🙂


  3. What an hilarious post Bill ! Hooly Dooly – you sure do have a lot of balls in the air ! (only joking!).
    How fantastic to be able to have this test done and to know that everything’s well in your energetic systems.


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