How we do things…

I’ve got a busy period coming up.

And I have to make some big decisions.

In situations like this I check in with my PGS. And I ask Jennifer to ask her Higher Self.

This is how we make decisions.

On Thursday we drive down to Melbourne. I have to take photos at a friend’s wedding next weekend.

Then after that we drive to Adelaide to meet with some potential investors regarding the PGS film.

Now here’s where the decisions come in – because towards the end of the month we’re attending a big spiritual “convention” at Uluru – and shooting for PGS.

Plus we’ve been invited to film with some aboriginal elders up at Utopia, a very remote aboriginal community about 800kms north of Uluru. This again for the PGS film.

It’s important to get an indigenous perspective on intuition, and these elders up at Utopia are holders of ancient wisdom.

So the decision is – do we drive or fly? Driving will involve about 6000kms – some of it over rough roads.

Flying means a three hour flight, picking up a hire car, and if the car gets knocked up on the roads, then it’s not our problem.

My PGS has been telling me we should drive – I asked Jennifer today to check in with her HS, and she got back that we should drive too.

So we’ll drive.

It would be much easier to fly, but we’re both being told we should drive, so that’s it.

That’s how we do things…




15 thoughts on “How we do things…

  1. Bill, If the roads are really bad you could rent a car and drive. That way you don’t mess your car up. I guess rental prices would be a factor. But an idea. You appear to be covering most continents. Any plans for South America – like Macchu Pichu?


    • Hi Lynda – yes, Elena who is our lass in Italy who will be with us on the Assisi tour has just been in Brazil these past three months, and has tentatively lined up some interviewees there – it’s quite fascinating what’s happening there… Bill

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    • Ingrid,
      In Bill and Jen’s daughter Nellies book, she states that “their whole marriage was one long honeymoon trip, occasionally docking in Sydney to regroup and refuel”
      She was talking about her growing up years and I think they are still doing the travel and the extended honeymoon. Following their adventures for the last two years has been amazing and quite fun hasn’t it? I wish we had the first thirty chapters. Bill how about another book?



  2. What amazing country you’ll be driving through Bill – and what opportunities for connection with others who live in the heart of our nation will come from driving, not flying – definitely a great decision.

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    • Hey Jenny – this drive is a little intimidating, I have to say – somewhere between 6000 – 7000kms I think, in a little under 3 weeks. But yes, we will be seeing some amazing country – and yes I will be blogging all through the journey, and taking lots of shots!

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  3. Bill Joni and I wash you and Jennifer all the best. Have fun on your walk and good luck with your investors. Love Daniel >


    • Daniel – what lovely sentiments, thank you. Jen and I send our love to you two very special people too – wish we were back in Dallas in those Most Beneficial Cosmic Rays. We have to get back there soon!!


    • HI Marie – what I didn’t put in that post is on that long (1000km) Sturt Highway up through into the most remote part of inland Australia, there have been many people do missing lately – cars and all – never to be seen again… eeeeeeyyyy.


  4. So, do you need a driver??? 🙂 I wish I could say I was serious about that offer. Would love to be part of this particular road trip 🙂 Good luck with it all and please, please, pretty please, look out for the kangaroos, emus and road trains?!!

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