Photo Camino book now on Amazon!

PHOTO CAMINO is finally all done – and now it’s up on Amazon as an eBook.

In the following days it will also become available on Apple iBooks, and in a print edition, also on Amazon.

As I did with my pervious book, I will offer this new book free to you guys on this blog who have supportd me now for so long –

My only stipulation, again like I did last time, is that you write a review for Amazon, and also for

I don’t market my books at all – sales are purely word of mouth – and reviews help enormously.

This offer is just for this weekend – contact me on:

Of course if you want to buy a copy anyway I won’t stop you!

To those of you who do receive a free copy, I would also ask that you do not pass it on to anyone else. I do not place any DRM on these free copies – Digital Rights Management – and so I would ask that you respect the integrity of my authorship.

Here is the Amazon link:


I’m thrilled to see it up on Amazon. And I hope it will provide a useful resource for anyone considering taking a camera on the Camino – although the principles in the book apply to photography generally.

And the book also serves as a general travel book on the Camino, because of all the photos – more than 80 in all.

For those of you who take a read, I hope you enjoy it!



11 thoughts on “Photo Camino book now on Amazon!

  1. Bill,
    Just bought the Kindle book on Amazon. Hope I was the first!! Just skimmed the photos and saw many familiar faces and scenes. It appears to be one Hooly Dooly book. Looking forward to learning all I can over the next few months. Going to be another blockbuster! Good on you.


  2. Good morning Bill,

    Thanks for the gift! You beat me to it as I was just looking at the sample on Amazon and about to buy it.

    Have a great weekend Bill.

    Peter from the Landers Express

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  3. Congratulations on getting it out. I’ll just have to be patient for a few days before checking it out as I am stuck for a few days without access to a device capable of opening up the file or even buying it on Amazon – dang!!! I’ll just have to be content to read all the positive comments here!! At least I have no doubt there’ll be plenty of those 🙂


  4. Congratulations Bill – awesome achievement!
    I look forward to a good read and applying your info & tips to our India adventure.
    Cheers, Janet

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