Photo Camino book – update…

I’ve had no time off during January. I’ve been working on the PGS film, and hoeing into the Photo Camino book. I’m on track to have it all finished by the end of this month, February, with publication in March.

I’ve decided to change the title – Instead of calling it Photo Camino – A Practical Guide to Photograpjy on the Camino, I’m now going to call it Photo Camino – A Personal Guide to Photography on the Camino. 

I’m discovering in the writing that it isn’t a dry practical guide, it’s very much a personal approach that I’m taking. In that sense it’s consistent with my book, The Way, My Way. 

Photo Camino will detail my way of taking photos on the Camino, which at times is unorthodox and idiosyncratic – and quite funny.

The book will cover:

  • What camera to take.
  • Won’t my iPhone do?
  • Challenges for a photographer on the Camino.
  • Composition (how to compose a shot and the rules of composition)
  • Landscapes (how best to shoot them)
  • Portraits & Selfies (how best to shoot them)
  • Light (how best to use it)
  • Lenses (which are the best lenses for the Camino)
  • Twelve Classic Camino shots (how best to take them)
  • Sharing your photos on the Camino
  • Using your camera to see what’s around you.
  • 75 Top Tips

As well, between each chapter I’ve got a series called How I took the Shot, which gives detailed information about how I took a particular featured shot. It goes into the reasons why I made certain decisions, both technically and aesthetically.

These sections also give me an opportunity to have a bit of fun with my writing…

Jennifer once again is editing, and turning my splodgey writing into something coherent. I have a couple of other folk giving me notes too – and they’re all helping enormously.

The book will feature quite a few photos taken on my two Caminos. I’m using them to illustrate the photographic concepts I’m discussing.

I have a formatter on standby for when I lock off the manuscript, and I have the same wonderful designer, Demi Hopkins from Carnival Studios, working on the cover art.

There’s a huge amount goes into writing a book – I’d forgotten how painstaking it has to be – particularly with a book like this, which can be offputting if it’s too technical.

I’m having to find a balance where it’s accessible to non-photographers, yet not dumbed down too much – and still offers something for enthusiasts and advanced amateurs. As well though I’m using every opportunity to give a greater insight into what it means to walk the Camino – both as a photographer and as a pilgrim.

I’m enjoying it. It’s fun. And I hope that reflects in the writing.

My memoir, The Way, My Way, keeps going from strength to strength. In fact the sales in January were the largest yet. And the reviews have been incredibly gratifying.

For me that book has set the bar high. Even though Photo Camino is a vastly different kind of book, I still have to make sure that it’s received with the same degree of favour.

Ultimately I hope that it inspires, photographically and spiritually.

donna taking pics of waterfall

20 thoughts on “Photo Camino book – update…

  1. Happy Ibolic or St. Brigids Feast. We are half way between winter and spring and a good reason as any to celebrate.

    Looking forward to your new book, I will become a diligent student, Professor Bill. 😉

    I love my snapshots, BUT there is much to be said to pause and capture a moment in more depth.

    Light and Love Ingrid

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  2. Dear Bill, am really looking forward to this book and I love hearing of the approach you’re taking to it. I was out on the harbour last week farewelling the James Craig on the start of her journey to Hobart and was fortunate to be asked to use a (much more sophisticated than my little instant) Canon camera for one of the crew – lots of fun when you can play around with settings 🙂 Good luck with the editing and good to hear your sales of The Way, My Way are going well.


    • Hey Britta – many thanks for your kind words. I’m hoping that the book will appeal to those that really don’t know anything, or much, about photography, and yet would like to take photos on the Camino a little more prepared. But also I’m finding that with anecdotes etc, the book also gives an insight into walking the Camino and what you can expect. It will be more than just a photographic guide… so fingers crossed it finds a market… !!


  3. Hi Bill – I’m very much looking forward to the release of the book. Good luck with the final parts of all the work you, Jen and others are putting into it.
    Will there be a hard copy version? I’d like to buy some copies of the books to give as birthday gifts.
    Cheers and best wishes – Jenny


    • Dear Jenny – you are a sweetheart – thank you! And yes, there will be a hard copy version. It might be a bit expensive though, because the photos will have to be in color, and it will need to be decent grade paper. Not sure of the hard copy price, but I would like to keep the ebook price around about the same price as my current book…


  4. Planning a winter Camino with my husband this year. I look forward to seeing your book! We’ve wondered if we’ll be able to take any photos if the weather is wet on the Camino. I would like to take my iPad so i can blog along the way and photograph tgat wadmytake like

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  5. Oops! My Texting went awry! Anyway I look forward to seeing your book and getting as many tips as possible for documenting our journey in a beautiful way.


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