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Angela Mitchell came with us on the Portuguese Camino last year.

I determined very early on that she was seriously weird and whacky.

Of course she and Jennifer got on like houses on fire – Jennifer being one of the weirdest and whackiest people you’re ever likely to meet.

Angela and her husband Ken have become good friends. Angela is on a spiritual journey that is taking her to some amazing places.

I asked her to do a guest blog, and here it is:


‘Fair dinkum brussels sprouts’, Bill has done it again, taken me by surprise, threw a challenge at me when I was not looking!! The challenge is to write a contribution on his blog about an aspect of my spiritual journey that I am finding very exciting.

It is an aspect that I have been sharing quietly and secretly, almost surreptitiously with my close friends and family members.

When I expressed my very real and heartfelt apprehension to Bill about ‘coming out of the closet’ and baring my soul, quietly saying that I might lose friends, I only heard Bill say how new like-minded friends would come into my life.

So, my logic says to stop resisting because the door has opened for me to enter and put the fears aside, to feel content and inwardly know what I already know and that is, all is as it is.

My personal experience walking the Camino Portuguese in April last year was an incredibly joyful meeting of new friends, feeling the energy of the Way and one where I was able to emerge myself into the beautiful countryside.

I did not experience any mind-blowing spiritual revelations; only enjoyment and a deep serenity that was in tune with my spiritual self and my Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is your link, your connection to the Source Energy, also called Creator or God depending on an individual’s religious and spiritual beliefs and values.

What was exciting on this walk was finding like-minded people who also were in tune with spirit and the universe.

The energy of the Camino has stayed with me and has become a part of my spiritual being. I have been seriously reading and researching esoteric literature for over twenty years and as I continually gathering knowledge I have naturally moved from one level to the next in my understanding of the Divine Oneness of the Universe.

As I journey along my own way there have been an endless number of questions inside me that I needed to find answers, hence my ever growing fountain of knowledge.

Recently my questions were about my soul, questions like where did my soul come from? As it is meant to be, I found out about Simone, a gifted energetic healer who does Akashic Record Profiles, also known as ‘soul profiles’.

I learned through Simone that my soul origination is Arcturus, I have since read much about Arctureans, who they are, where they are from and their role in Cosmic Intelligence. I have learned that there are many star systems in this amazing universe, and that there are many high dimensional intergalatical beings living and working harmoniously alongside human beings on planet Earth.

Most importantly I have learned that these beings are working for our highest good. In the end, the soul origination of light workers on Earth is not of major importance because we are essentially all part of the universe working together to raise universal consciousness.

You might very well be saying at this stage of the blog, “What the heck! Soul origination! Aliens!” That is perfectly okay because everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.

Where I am situated on my path of my own growing evolvement is that information on my soul profile for me is a ‘goodness of fit’, it feels right and it is confirmation that I am an important part of this wondrous universe doing my job.

The joy and excitement of learning of my Arcturean soul origination has bubbled over into something bigger and exciting, because whoever I speak to about soul origination and what it means are curious to know about their own soul origination. Simone has been a very busy energetic healer.

Our greatest asset in our spiritual journey is knowledge, the power of knowledge and knowing that each of us alone is fully responsible for our soul and for our Higher Self.

Angela at Valenca / Portugese Camino 2014


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  1. Dear Angela, so glad to hear you’re happy and free to be and become whoever you find along your path. It’s definitely not about ‘them’ or their opinions of you, it’s so about YOU! You go girlfriend 🙂 Britta

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  2. Hello Angela, I very much enjoyed reading about your spiritual journey. You are a very brave soul to open your Akashik records. Late last year I asked for the same and then I asked to stop the reading half way through. I was not ready.

    Going on a spiritual quest is very full filling, but also a bit scary at times. And once you open the door it is harder to close the floodgates, as you well know.

    For me, it has been one heck of a ride the last 5 years. Universal and Divine intervention doesn’t always come when we want it, the teacher appears when we need it and we are not always willing students.

    I wish you much Joy in your continues journey,

    Blessings of Light and Love, your fellow traveller Ingrid


  3. You go girl. Look forward to a gloriou reunion with you and Ken and julie and Peter, and of course Marie, Bill and Jen. And a new acquaintenance, Britta as well as others. And I get to introduce you to Jill. Almost like a return to Portugal


  4. Hello angie thanks for being bold and sharing your deep soul;I love it and I am very interested to know more about Simone and Arcturus.Anyway wherever you are coming from you are s great person and I look forward to walk and talk with you on our new Camino.bisous.


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