All I did this year ~

Yesterday I looked back on my year –

I asked myself: What have I done this year?

Here’s what I’ve done:

  • I made a film about stockmen (Australian cowboys) for an Outback museum
  • I walked the Camino Portuguese with some wonderful friends
  • I began building an online film producing course with my university
  • I started my intuition film.

That’s it.

That’s all I did.

I felt very flat.

I told Jennifer.

She said: Are you insane?

But when it comes down to it, that’s all I did.

That’s all I created.

(I regard the Camino Portuguese tour as a creative endeavour.)

You know what Jennifer then said?

She said: Yep Bill, you’re right. You’ve done bugger all. You’ve got ten more days in the year. Get to work!

And so I’ve started writing my book on photographing the Camino.

After two days I’m 6000 words in.

While everyone else has been kicking back enjoying pre-Christmas parties etc, I’ve been writing.

Having fun.

I figure that at this rate, I should have at least 15,000 words done by New Year’s Eve, and a first draft done by the end of January.

By March it should be ready for publication.

(The book is a practical guide to photography on the Camino, and will probably be only about 50,000 words – but with plenty of photos.)

And of course there’s the PGS film, which takes priority over everything.

But January is a quiet month, so in between working on the film I’ll have time to write as well.

This time next year I want to be able to answer that question – What did I do this year? – by saying:

  • I wrote a new book
  • I walked the Via de Francesca with some wonderful friends
  • I finished my PGS film
  • I finished the first stage of the online course with my university
  • I finished my Indian honour killing film – DEFIANT
  • I wrote a new screenplay

That would be a good year.

I’ll work towards that.


2 thoughts on “All I did this year ~

  1. Bill
    Haven’t written much on the blog over the last month and a half due to my daughters health as you know. I do feel compelled to write today, however. I think you have done much more than you have given yourself credit for.
    You have kept up your blog – most would have written about their 30 days on the camino and stopped. You have kept it going and have continued to create “a family” of followers. (How many hits are you up to)? As in every family there are times that some have issues but still we are all family now. You and Jen have kept that going and growing. It may seem trivial to some but the two days Dale and I got to spend with you and Jen last spring were the highlight of our year. We treasure those days. Your thoughtfulness and phone calls during my daughters surgery and the start of her chemo have deepened our feelings for you and Jen. Your actions around the world have made and deepened friendships. I think when all is said and done what life boils down to is how you have treated your fellow mankind and you have done a lot on that front this past year.
    You may not have completed the PGS film but as far as I can see you have acquired a lot of footage towards a blockbuster film. A film that is going to start a lot of people thinking and doing.
    Your book was written the year before this but I believe it continues to sell. If I remember correctly you just sold 40 at one time. I think that shows you have the knack for writing and we need a camino memoir sequel.
    You have laid a lot of “ground work” this year. I do not think you should judge your year by only COMPLETED accomplishments. You have done a lot. One of your book reviews said something on the order of them traveling the camino while lying in a hammock reading your book. The rest of us have travelled the world through your eyes while sipping our morning coffee.
    Love you both,
    Dale and Lynda

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    • Dear Lynda,

      that’s so beautiful of you to say, thank you! Meeting you and Dale was a glorious highlight for Jennifer and me, too. And meeting Julian too. Our friendship means so much to us.

      What a shock though for you all to find out about your daughter. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through, and are going through. It’s been the very least we can do to let you know that we’re thinking of you, and sending our love and support. You’ll all get through this. I know that. You have a truly wonderful man by your side in Dale. He’s a rock.

      Yes I guess I’ve done a bit more. The blog is important to me. It’s really a way for me to sort through what’s on my mind, and it helps me to see things more clearly. All the folks who post comments keep me honest, and on my toes. And through the blog Jennifer and I have met some extraordinary people, and made some lifelong friends.

      I’ve wrankled some people. I guess that was bound to happen. Not everyone agrees with my take on things at times, and whilst I try very hard to be a meek little wussy softie, sometimes I bite back when someone annoys the crap out of me.

      I’m working in that. 😃

      I don’t have a job. I haven’t had a job since 1982, when I left the ABC and became an independent film producer. At times it’s been hard. Very hard not only on me, but on Jennifer and my children. But they’ve stuck by me, and Jennifer has never once suggested I do anything else. She has always encouraged me to keep going, doing what I’m doing. She’s always urged me towards excellence and truth.

      I earn money by creating Intellectual Property Rights. That’s how I make my living. That’s why I titled that post as I did. But yes I did a lot more this past year, and I’ll have memories from this year that I’ll keep forever. Sitting with you and Dale in that Twin Peaks diner that sunny afternoon will be one of them…

      With love to you both,

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