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As part of my research into the film I’m making on intuition, I’m currently reading a book which looks at instigating personal change by rewiring your brain via the Quantum Field.

I was put onto the book through my Dallas connection, Joni Patry, Vedic Astrologer Extraordinaire, who in turn connected me to a wonderful lady living in Malibu.

Jennifer and I had breakfast at this lady’s place on the day we were due to fly out back to Australia. She urged me to read the book by Dr. Joe Dispenza, who was featured in the movie What the Bleep Do we Know? 

The book is called Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – How to Lose your Mind and Create a New One.

He uses Quantum Field concepts, in particular that all matter is energy, and all energy is simply a probability, subject to the influence of observation and attention.

He states that thoughts and emotions are also energies that swill around in the Quantum Field. Thoughts are an electrical charge, and emotions are a magnetic charge. When thoughts and emotions are aligned, you have what he calls “coherence.”

He proposes that all outcomes exist as probabilities or potentials in the Quantum Field. Wealth is a potential, perfect health is a potential, intelligence, freedom, abundance – all of these are potentials and exist as what he calls “electromagnetic signatures.”

He then proposes: What if you could align your emotional / cognitive coherence to take on one of these electromagnetic signatures?

He writes: The thoughts that we think send out an electrical signal into the Quantum Field. The feelings we generate magnetically draw events to us. Together how we think and how we feel generates an electromagnetic signature that influences every atom in our world. 

Essentially what he proposes is that if we send out a particular electromagnetic signature into the Quantum Field, then we’ll either be pulled towards a potential that matches our signature, or else that potential will find us.

Where we mess up is if we lack coherence – if our thoughts and emotions don’t truly align.

In other words, we might think we’d like to be wealthy, but deep down we might feel that we don’t deserve it. This represents a lack of coherence – the wavelength of our thoughts and emotions are out of phase, and so our electromagnetic signature becomes confused and loses potency. And so we don’t get what we want.

When our thoughts are clear and focused, and when we have a deep emotional and truthful commitment, then our electromagnetic signal is strong and powerful. and we attract a potential reality out in the Quantum Field that matches what we want.

Interesting, huh?

The book contains a four week course that takes you through a series of exercises designed to change your electromagnetic signal, and rewire your brain. If I have enough brain cells left after Christmas, I might give it a try…


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  1. Hi Bill I am glad that you discovered joe dispenza; he is a chiropractor also, from life university, like me; he gives fantastic workshop; its work pushed me to make changes in my way of healing, using my thoughts to focuse energy to create a new reality , a new model in patients energy fields; I am on that now;
    have a wonderful holydays in mudgee; and see you soon in italy and also in the US, my intuition is telling me that: gros bisous from the basque country;


    • Hi Marie,

      Thanks for this..Yes I knew he was a chiropractor from Life, but didn’t realise you had gone a similar path. I’m enjoying his book. I have to look at WHAT THE BLEEP again – it’s been years since I last saw it.

      Yes Italy is coming up fast. Yikes. Jen and I have to get fit again!! Looking forward to seeing you on the Umbrian slopes! We’ll have fun!

      All the best for Christmas – bill xxxxx


  2. Hello Bill and Jennifer and PGS family. I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, enjoy time with your loved ones and a Happy, Adventures, Healthy 2015!

    Light and Love Ingrid


  3. Sounds like gobbledigook to me — or ; to be more specific ; just one more silly New Age attempt to vitiate the Transcendental by whichever reductionist materialism.

    God cannot be reduced to whichever flawed deification of Physics.

    This approach of his actually is more like Magic than Mysticism or Spirituality, in that the classically-defined fundamental difference between Magic and Mysticism is that Magic attempts to control the Immaterial via material tools and means, whereas all Mysticism requires an at least partial surrender to the Immaterial in a necessarily passive State and Manner.


    • Hi Julian, I feel ill equipped to have a discussion / debate with you on this, because I know you’ll run rings around me. It does open up a much broader area though about our need to believe through empiricism, and how we mistrust that which we can’t justify through the rigorous methodology of science.

      I haven’t finished this book, and so I will hold back my opinion until then, however I note that Dr. Spizenza comes to his theories not from a position of a research scientist, but from that of a metaphysician.

      This is why I enjoy Fritjof Capra’s writing so much, because he finds confluence between science and religion – in his case Eastern religions – but he builds his arguments meticulously and with solid research in both fields.

      I have chosen in my film not to involve “interpreters” of knowledge. I would regard Dr.Spizenza as an interpreter, just as I would regard Dr. Deepak Chopra. Both highly respected men. But for my film. I’m more interested in the scholars, the practitioners, the holy men, the researchers, the seekers and Mystics – those that have a direct understanding of the knowledge, rather than those who have placed their own personal,spin on the knowledge.

      Note that I use the word knowledge, rather than truth – because truth in itself is interpretive. There is no such thing as absolute truth.

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      • Yeah — but do remember that positivist materialism is itself a metaphysical theory ; also I rather doubt my ability to “run rings” around you … 🙂

        There is no such thing as absolute truth

        No, this is wrong — both declaratively and interpretatively.

        God is Truth, so that to say that there is no such thing as truth is to say that there is no such thing as God — and besides, that statement is DEEPLY incompatible, FUNDAMENTALLY incompatible, and both INTUITIONALLY and COGNITIONALLY incompatible with the very basics of the whole concept of the PGS.

        The PGS cannot be Real if Truth is not Absolute in its Nature (viz. St. Thomas Aquinas passim, paraphrased)

        Put differently, if the PGS is not true, then it does not exist, but if it does, then Truth must also exist.

        The PGS cannot exist without the Absolute Truth as its Source.

        Our interpretations of the Truth necessarily vary, but these variations must not be confused as its opposite.


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