Leaving the US

In a few hours Jennifer and I will fly back to Australia.

The Texas Cosmic Rays Experiment has been a success.

The whole trip has been a success.

I’d like to thank all those extraordinary people who agreed to be interviewed. Your contributions will add greatly to a deeper understanding not only of intuition, but of how we live moment to moment in this illusory world.

Jennifer and I return to Australia for Christmas with all our family in Mudgee – something that hasn’t happened for quite a few years.

I will be reviewing all the footage shot, and prepping the next stage of the production.

Thank you to Dr. Bimal Bhatt, for awakening me to the possibilities of astrology, and to Joni Patry for explaining it to me in such plain speak, and for all your incredible support and encouragement.

It’s because of you two astrologers that I now can see clearly what I have to do.

There’s nothing stopping me now, other than my own fear or disbelief.

Neither of which I’m now prone to!


7 thoughts on “Leaving the US

  1. Hi Bill and Jen –
    It’s so fantastic to hear that the Texas Cosmic Rays Experiment and the trip as a whole was a success. Your intuition and the belief that it would work out wonderfully has demonstrated that the trip was absolutely the right thing to do.
    I hope that the flight back home went really well and that you’re reasonably refreshed and relaxed. Best wishes for the next part of production – may it all flow beautifully.
    Have a very happy Christmas and New Year –
    Cheers – Jenny


    • Hi Jenny, such a beautiful comment here, thank you!

      Yes we’re back in Sydney now, soon to return to Mudgee. How was your trip to London? You must be only recently back yourself. Are you zonked or ok? Jen and I had a good flight back. Flew Qantas, and the service was good. London right now must be beautiful. I watched LOVE ACTUALLY on the flight home. And it reminded me just how beautiful London is at Christmas.

      This next year is going to be a cracker for all of us, no?

      With love


      • Hi Bill and Jen –
        ‘Glad to hear that you’re home safe and well and that you had a good flight with good service from our Aussie friends at Qantas.
        I’ve been home since Monday last week after a very “interesting” flight back from London. I was on the QF2 flight that had the emergency descent from 37,000 ft to 10,000 ft due to an air con shutdown … I wasn’t concerned for one minute, I knew I was very safe, and I am very grateful to Qantas for all their care and technical expertise. The air con problem meant that we had to divert to Perth, so by the time I arrived home in Sydney an extra 15 hours had been added to the journey. I spent most of last week with dreadful jetlag but it was just one of those things that can happen, and foremost in my mind is that Qantas kept us all safe.
        When the air con emergency happened I was just getting ready to get some sleep after watching three movies out of Dubai, and yes, you guessed it! The last one was LOVE ACTUALLY !!! This movie gives me new gifts EVERY TIME I see it. It’s my all-time favourite Christmas movie. I visited Selfridges a few times but sadly I didn’t spot Emma Thompson, Mr Bean or Alan Rickman in the store filming LOVE ACTUALLY II !!!
        I saw all the wonderful Christmas Lights in Oxford St, Regent St and Bond St on several occasions – I timed my return home to the flat in the early evenings every day so I could enjoy the spectacle. What a beautiful city London is.
        I’m really looking forward to hearing how all the preparation for the next part of production goes Bill – very best wishes here.
        I hope that 2015 will be a wonderful one for us all in our PGS family –
        With love to you and Jen – Jenny x x


  2. Well, Bill, Jennifer and Jenny, I can’t say I’ve had such exceptional flying experiences, but I am looking forward to Christmas in Hobart (off there tomorrow) and looking forward to checking out all the incoming yachts at Constitution Dock. Something I’ve wanted to do pretty much for 30 years!! Have a wonderful Mudgee and Culburra Christmas and a glittering New Year. Hugs, Britta


    • Thanks so much for your good wishes Britta. Have a wonderful Tassie Christmas and enjoy Hobart and the excitement of all the yachts arriving at Constitution Dock. Love, Jenny xo


    • Hey Britta – thank you for your lovely well wishes! I hope we meet up again very soon. I’m sure we have some stories to tell and some laughs to be had.

      hugs, kiss kiss, (both cheeks) and have a wonderful Christmas.



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